Monday, September 28, 2015

The Bloomingdale Trail

We were so excited when the Bloomingdale Trail AKA The 606 opened earlier this summer. We knew that it would be a nice addition to our weekend walks, little did we know that it would be an essential part of our walks.
Initially it was a novelty to walk above the streets of Chicago, but now we use it whenever we go on our family walks to explore neighborhoods to the west of us or east to get something to eat at our familiar spots with the pooches.
We love that our walks are no longer interrupted by stop signs, stop lights, turning cars or any sort of motor vehicle. Rather than taking a whole day taking the pooches on our weekend walks, our weekend walks only take a few hours as we walk uninterrupted.
When A's family was in town, we, including the pooches, went on a nice family walk on the Bloomingdale Trail. A's mom commented that it must be the happiest place on Earth because everyone was smiling as they ran, biked or walked the trail.
It is one of our favorite places in Chicago, and all of us, including Miss M can be seen smiling as we traverse the Bloomingdale Trail.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mr. B vs Stairs Part II

We apologize that the blog has taken a backseat to everything that has been going on in our lives. The pooches are doing well, but getting older. A has noticed that Mr. B started to sit funny, so she decided to get his hips checked when he was in for his routine senior blood panel and shots. Everything looks great, but poor Mr. B has some pain in his hips from old age. We were told to minimize Mr. B's use of the stairs.
However, Mr. B has his own agenda, to live to the fullest and follow us everywhere. A and I have been working on getting Mr. B to stay on one floor, the main floor during the day and the top floor in the evening. We tend to forget things or need to do things on different floors and while heading up or down the stairs, we make sure to yell "stay" to Mr. B before we go up or down the stairs.
As we yell "stay" we can see the little wheel in his head turning, deciding whether to stay or follow us when we aren't looking. Next thing we know Mr. B is sitting right next to us, when he should have been staying. Now we run whenever we have to make a quick stop on a different floor and try to catch Mr. B before he has made it halfway on the stairs.
Due to all this running, A and I are keeping in shape going up and down the stairs. Through all this Miss M could care less about us. She chooses to stay wherever she wants, including laying in her own pee pads, a post for another day.

Is there anything you do to keep your dog's hips healthy?
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