Friday, June 23, 2017

Miss M's Not-Bucket List: Part I

When we first found out that Miss M was sick, we started thinking of all of the things that she still needed to do with the time left.
But, as we were thinking of things, we realized that there is so much that she has already done.
She has already stayed in fancy hotels, started her own dog group, starred in a pitbull calendar, and spent nearly every weekend exploring and experiencing Chicago.

There were only 2 things that we had been putting off that I would feel terrible about if we didn't have her anymore.
Number one: Getting family photos that include all of us. 
When Miss M was first diagnosed, we thought that this would be her last weekend with us, so we really wanted to make sure to get the photos.
We talked to Sparenga Photography who had also photographed us with the pups for their Unexpected Pitbull Calendar photoshoot that we wrote about here. 
It turns out, the day we had scheduled there was a huge snowstorm.
Actually this was only 1 of 2 days that it snowed this entire winter in Chicago (which is so hard to believe!). 
We didn't think we had much time left with Miss M, so we didn't want to reschedule.
We thought it would be tricky doing a cold-weather shoot with Baby K, but he actually likes being outside even in the cold.

We want Baby K to grow up having known the pups, and having the photos to prove it.
Stay tuned for the only other bucket-list item we had for Miss M!

The update!
It may look pretty, but there is a seedy underside of Chicago snow.
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