Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pooches: On What Makes a Dog Your Dog

I know sometimes-or maybe many times-we get frustrated with our pups.
Like this whole post.
Especially one morning, while I was still pregnant and carrying the pups' heavy food bowls, and nearly 12 year-old Miss M thought it would be a great idea to leap in the air and sample the food before I could even set it down.
I remember asking E if we would ever just have a normal dog.
A dog that didn't have to stare down our every move.
A dog who wouldn't cry to wake us up each morning:
A dog who didn't creep around and follow our every move.
Then, just like that moment in Big after they saw the fortune teller, it happened.
The vet told us Miss M had sprained something in her back.
But she completely changed.

She wouldn't look us in the eye.
She wouldn't respond to her name.
She didn't want to lay with Mr. B, or even come upstairs to go to bed for the night. I found her downstairs laying sprawled on the hardwood floor.
And we really knew something was wrong with her because she didn't want to eat any of her food.
In our whole 10 years together, Miss M has never rejected food.
Not even lettuce.
Her entire personality was gone. She was a complete shell of herself, and it made me understand how people know when it's time to let go of their pups.
At the time, I really thought I had lost my best friend.
Though luckily for us, it does turn out to have a happy ending.
Her back got better.
And we found out a lot of the symptoms were caused by the medication she was on.
So even when we get frustrated with some of the things she does, we realized, that's what makes Miss M, Miss M.

When I thought Miss M was ugly
Best friends.

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