Friday, January 29, 2016

Pooches: Pulling Back the Curtain on Imperfection

I know how easy it is to just post all of the positive things about our pups.
Though we always find it funny when people refer to our pups as "perfect".
Because, they are by no means perfect.
So we thought we would show you a glimpse of what our pups are really like at home.

While Mr. B is normally laid-back and he loves nothing more than hanging out with his stuffies:
He can also be kind of a jerk sometimes.
He loves his dogwalker so much, that when we leave in the morning he will station himself to peer through the tiny crack in our blinds to watch for them. Once he hears them coming he will leap in the air and bark...and try to let them in by digging a hole through our drywall:
Mr. B claims innocence!

Meanwhile, Miss M has always been a potty-trained dog.
Though, sometimes she does not like braving the elements and going outside.
So she will just pee inside.
This has nothing to do with growing older or having a medical ailment (we have taken her to the vet for this so many times!) It is just a behavioral issue.
Much like people might sit and eat potato chips even though they're not hungry, Miss M will just walk to this spot and pee, even though she doesn't really have to.
Of course, we made her the ultimate pee pad.
We have a rubber mat that we lay underneath so they don't move around, and we made it extra large.
The pups even find it more comfortable than their own fancy beds (before the peepads have been used).
The most obnoxious thing that the pups do, is that every morning they are so excited for breakfast they need to peer their heads over, and Miss M will make her melodic sounds to make sure we don't forget.
Even on weekends. At 4:30am.

Remember when we had these "Things" running around?
What really helped.
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