Monday, September 28, 2020

Goodbye Mr. B

Recently, we said goodbye to our beloved Mr. B. Even though he was 17.5 years old, he had the mind and soul of a young pup, unfortunately his body could not keep up.
In 2008, A and I were looking for an older companion to Miss M. We spent months looking for an older pit bull, visiting Animal Care and Control and other rescue organizations in the city of Chicago and we just couldn't find one. Then one day while browsing through, I see a profile for a 5 year old pit bull in Kalamazoo, Michigan with the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. After a few email exchanges, I recorded a video of our condo using a Flip camera to show Mr. B's amazing foster mom, Joanne, Mr. B's future home. While recording, A asks me, what am I recording our place all of my excitement, I guess I forgot to mention my find and the back and forth emails. Before A knows it, we pack up our small 2 door coupe with Miss M, a tent and camping gear and all of Miss M's essentials including a bed, a pillow for her head, a blanket in case she gets cold in the middle of summer. Before Miss M knows it, we are camping in Kalamazoo, sharing a tent with her two servants and her new dog, Mr. B.
Even though Mr. B came from a quiet wooded area, in Mr. B fashion, he quickly became accustomed to city life and like all Chicago transplants, he quickly considered himself a native Chicagoan. He loved being outside, exploring the city with his owner Miss M and her two human companion. Mr. B and Miss M were able to show countless others the truth about pit bulls and we met so many different and interesting people. Our walks would have so many breaks, because people would rush up to meet the dogs, especially Mr. B or Miss M would pull us to rush up to meet people.
Mr. B quickly became an integral part of our family, that we have no recollection of our life with only Miss M. Mr. B was the perfect complement to Miss M. Miss M couldn't remember a life where she didn't have her own dog to boss around and to use as a pillow.
Though Mr. B was shy and perhaps an introvert, he would wear a costume without fuss and get showered with attention, knowing that it pleased Miss M and us.
Mr. B was the perfect companion to Little Boy K, he was loving and gentle to Baby K. Giving Baby K the right amount of smooches and he would lay by Baby K's crib as he napped during the day. Mr. B was patient and kind dealing with Toddler K and his antics. We could not think of a more perfect dog to watch over Little Boy K as he grew up.
Mr. B was the perfect dog to help us cope with the loss of Miss M. He would gladly go on adventures around the city, exploring different sights and sounds and the occasional festival with his sidekick, Little Boy K.
Mr. B was the perfect best friend to me. He demonstrated what it means to be patient, loving and kind. Though his body ached despite the pain medication, he maintained his sweet demeanor and his patient attitude. He continued to give Little Boy K kisses and he would move as much as he could to watch over me as I worked.
At a festival once, someone that just met Mr. B and was petting him looked up to us and stated that Mr. B was her perfect dog. That pretty much sums up Mr. B. We could not have asked for a better complement to Miss M, a better companion to Little Boy K, a better city dog other than Miss M to A, and a better best friend to me.
We are grateful to everyone that loved Mr. B and Miss M as much as we did.
Goodbye our beloved Bruno.

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