Friday, January 6, 2017

Pooches: On the Evolution of Dog Bathing

We have spent years perfecting our dog baths.
It all began as an episode of the coyote and roadrunner between me and Miss M
Which later turned into an efficient multi-dog cleaning operation.
While we thought we had things down, what we didn't count on were some of the changes we needed to make as the pups have gotten older.
While it used to be enough to train the pups to jump into the bathtub, we want to be careful of the pups' joints as they age.
So they have graduated to the shower.
It's easier for them to step in, it already has the shower head attachment, and with the high walls they can't escape.
We put a scouring pad on the drain to collect all the hair, and it's actually easier than our former set-up.
Anyone else have tips for dog bathing?

How it started.
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