Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pooches: Meet Miss M

Miss M was a street dog in Chicago. She had been picked up as a stray and sent to the City Pound. Unfortunately, since there are so many homeless Bullies, they are one of the first breeds to be euthanized. Miss M actually had an appointment on their calendar to be killed, but luckily for all of us New Leash on Life Animal Rescue got her just in time.

We think Miss M is part American Bulldog and part Boxer. She loves attention from people and will wiggle her entire body and stare at people until they pet her. She also loves food which makes her really easy to train. She has gone to several classes and has even taken a test to earn her CGC--Canine Good Citizen certification. She also helps out around the house and has been trained to put her own toys away on command.

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