Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicagoing: Bank of America Chicago Marathon

This past Sunday was the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. After a whole spring and summer of training, it was finally Ms. A's time to shine. I headed out with Mr. B and Ms. M to see Ms. A at three different spots, mile 11, mile 15 and mile 25. Mr. B and Ms. M were decked out in their marathon spectator gear. Ms. M was sporting a 'Go Runners' sign on her backpack and on her hat and Mr. B was wearing a 'Team Schwang' hat. As usual, they were a hit. A number of spectators stopped to take pictures of them and even with them. We even got compliments from runners while on the course. Overall it was a pretty overwhelming day. The pooches were just as tired as Ms. A when we all got home. Congratulations for completing your 6th marathon Ms. A.

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