Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pooches: Yoda in our House

Miss M warming up in her blanket.


landofla said...

LOL! Hi, I know I'm commenting on an old post, but I just discovered your blog and am "catching up". This is just priceless, look at that face!

Zoo Modern said...

Hi there!
I am a K.A.R. volunteer that was introduced to your blog via another member!
I also am a volunteer for another organization called Save Our Strays. We photograph the pound dogs in hopes that they can better find a forever home.
Wednesday we took photos of a dog thats facial structure is so much like Ms M's!
In fact another volunteer and i BOTH went, "She looks like Ms M!" as soon as we saw her!

I rss your blog and read (and forward it) daily.
Keep up the good work!
feel free to contact me if you want to see pics of Ms M's black twin :)
tom (at) azzoo2 (dot) com

SWK said...

I just found your blog through apartment therapy and I love it!! We had pitbulls as well, but we gave them away to friends of ours when we moved to Tucson (to an apartment) thinking that they wouldn't be happy without a yard. Awww....If only I had found thos blog sooner.... :(

Great blog!!! Keep up the good work!! ^_^

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