Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pooches: The Raw Food Placemat

We had posted before about how we put the pooches on a raw food diet. Everything is going well with their health and diet; the one thing we didn't account for was how careful we had to be with raw meat. While we're making sure to clean their bowls right after they eat, the pooches aren't as cleanly in their manner of eating. Mr. B actually eats his "crocodile-style". He'll grab the whole hunk and throw his head back so in a couple of gulps the whole thing is gone. Meanwhile, Miss M. makes sure to eat hers in little bits. She takes some bits from her bowl, deposits them on her bed, and ends up grinding all the pieces everywhere. We have decided that we have to begin feeding them outside their crates, and use easy to clean placemats. I actually got this idea from my sister who showed me what she's going to do for her two kitties. You can use any fabric, napkin, or cloth placement and all you have to do is iron on this vinyl coating so you can wipe them clean after any use. I like this white and brown fabric, which also seems to match Miss M, or this shop located over in Bucktown has alot of interesting fabrics. And they even have their own etsy shop.

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