Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pooches: Dog Park

Crowded dog parks are a big NO for pit bulls and other bullies. So we take our dogs to daycare at Unleashed. Though there are cheaper daycare centers around, we completely trust our dogs with Unleashed, because they know pit bulls and bullies better than anyone in Chicago. In addition, Curtis Scott is affiliated with Unleashed. However, money has gotten pretty tight, so we've been trying to find safe alternatives to supplement daycare. One option is The Wicker Park Dog Owners Meetup group, which has met up twice at Soggy Paws for play dates. Another option is the Walsh Park's dog friendly area. We normally would never take Ms. M or Mr. B to a dog park, but this park is rarely used. Walsh Park's dog friendly area is quite large and rarely gets crowded. The few times we have been there, there has been at most six dogs, including ours, but we venture out there on early weekend mornings or in middle of a weekday. Its nice to have a large controlled area where the dogs can run back and forth, with a few other dogs. Hopefully this dog park never gets crazy like the others, Wicker Park's and Churchill Park's dog friendly areas, which are too crowded and completely chaotic at times.

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