Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Be a Tourist with Your Dog: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 We have loved following the adventures of GoPetFriendly as they've been traveling around the nation with their 2 adorable pooches. And since we've recently ventured into roadtripping with the pooches, we were quite excited to see this recommendation for nearby Milwaukee. Nestled along Lake Michigan there is plenty to do with the pooches, including: pet-friendly paddleboats, strolling the riverwalk, pooch-friendly outdoor dining, and even a photo opp with "The Fonz".

We were excited to see that Ms. M and Mr. B had such a great time on their recent road trip to St. Louis. Now that they have their first hotel stay under their belts (collars), we're hoping to inspire them to jump back in the car make the short drive north to spend a weekend exploring Milwaukee.
Veteran's Park - Milwaukee, WI
View from Veteran's Park
Like Chicago, Milwaukee sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, so fantastic scenery is a given. But, what Milwaukee has over it's neighbor to the south is it's intimate, more walkable nature. You can easily explore the nooks and crannies on foot, which is perfect when you're traveling with dogs!

Start in the Historic Third Ward, and you might never want to leave. This neighborhood had undergone a major make-over and is now the hippest part of the city. Old warehouses have become, or have been replaced by, lofts and condos and the shops and eateries have followed. The Milwaukee Public Market is a highlight, selling produce, seafood, meats, cheeses, vegetables, candies, and flowers from local businesses - and their pet friendly sidewalk tables are perfect for a little people watching!
Inside at Milwaukee Public Market
Inside at Milwaukee Public Market
Outdoor tables at the Public Market
Outdoor tables at the Public Market
If you haven't stuffed yourself at the vendors in the Market, cross the street to The Wicked Hop for lunch. With their covered outdoor seating, it's the perfect place to relax in the shade and enjoy the icy cold beverages that made Milwaukee famous.
The Wicked Hop - Milwaukee, WI
Covered outdoor seating at The Wicked Hop
When it's time to walk off lunch, head toward the lake. A path will take you though the festival grounds, past the art museum, and up to Veteran's park. If you make it as far north as the Juneau Park Lagoon, look for the pet friendly paddle boats!
Path Along Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI
Resting tired paws on the lakefront
Milwaukee Art Museum - Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Art Museum
Before you're too tired, make your way west to the river and take a stroll on the River Walk. This pedestrian walkway overlooking the river is a popular hang out, with dozens of restaurants and bars providing outdoor seating with a view. Watch for John Hawks Pub - they have pet friendly outdoor seating.
John Hawks Pub - Milwaukee, WI
John Hawks Pub on the Riverwalk
Be sure to get a picture with one of Milwaukee's most well-known residents - Arthur Fonzarelli! He was happy to have his picture taken with Buster and Ty, hooking their leashes over his famous thumbs. Aaaaaye.
Arthur Fonzarelli - Milwaukee
Posing with The Fonz
Milwaukee has a nice selection of pet friendly restaurants and plenty of pet friendly hotels where the pitties will be welcome. Though we stayed in the Winnebago at State Fair Park the last time we visited, the next time I'd love to try the Aloft Hotel or the Iron Horse Hotel.

Before you pack up and hit the freeway, take a cruise up North Lake Drive to one of Milwaukee's must unexpected features - the old stone mansions built next to the lake back in the day.

Amy and Rod Burkert run the award-winning pet travel website, and write about pet travel as they explore the US and Canada with their dogs, Ty and Buster. Their blog, Take Paws, is an encyclopedia of pet travel tips, pet friendly destination advice, and humorous tales of the couple's dog friendly adventures.

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Kate said...

They are so cute!! The picture with the Fonz cracks me up, haha.

Brenda said...

I love that pic with the Fonz too, that's awesome! (hmmm...I wonder if anyone born after about 1980 knows who the Fonz is, lol!) These posts are so great! but thanks to a busy schedule I haven't had a chance to read them all. So here's a special request - could you put a link on your sidebar to the "traveling" posts? Then maybe I could catch up, quickly read one or two whenever time permits! And the mention of St. Louis...I am wondering how much difficulty you encountered getting a hotel to accept Ms M and Mr B. I used to take my shepherd Jessie with me everywhere and would get so angry and frustrated when hotels would tell me "sorry, only little dogs." Jessie was SOOOOO much better behaved, and infinitely more trustworthy in a hotel room than my parents' teacup poodles. Yet their dogs were always welcomed with open arms!

Anonymous said...

These dogs are so lovely, and such a perfect odd couple. We have always like Milwaukee too :)

Laura said...
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Anonymous said...

Wait wait ... they OWN GoPetFriendly?! Well a big THANK YOU to them! We recently used their site on a trip and it was so, so helpful. We even submitted a few new places we discovered along the way. I'm anxiously awaiting for a GoPetFriend app :)

This post is great!

Anonymous said...

I love that photo with the did I know that the Fonz loves dogs???

Unknown said...

Oh my!! It would be worth the drive for the Fonz picture alone!!

Tucker The Crestie said...

All these fun dog-friendly we've never been! Gotta get traveling!

Love Brenda's idea, too ... I think I've seen them all but it would be good to have them all in one place to refer back to.

Still kicking myself for not getting my act together to submit one myself! But it's been a great series - we've really enjoyed it!

Kari in Alaska said...

I used to love popping over to Milwaukee!


Daisy Dog said...

We have so enjoyed your Friday being a tourist series! What a great idea. We also love the walking club, I wonder how hard it would be to put together here in my area, near Pasadena , CA.

Two Pitties in the City said...

It's funny that Milwaukee is so close, but we've never really made the short jaunt over. This makes it look completely gorgeous and something that is quite do-able with the dogs: walking along the water, we'd love to see how they do with paddleboats, and of course, a photo with The Fonz.
Brenda & Tucker: We do have an icon on the side of the front page of our blog called "Tourist with Dogs". If you click on that, it will show all the past posts. We used the Drury Inn hotels when we went to St. Louis, and they were so nice about big dogs. I literally called 5 times just to doublecheck that pitbulls were ok, and each time I called, they would laugh and act like I was the crazy one for asking. Here is our St. Louis post:

Pamela said...

What a terrific series. I feel bad that I've come to it so late but I too look forward to reading more of the posts.

Glad your road trip with the dogs was so successful. We needs lots of pittie ambassadors!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Great pups on an awesome adventure
Benny & Lily

Ms. Gantz said...

You convinced me. Looks like a great place to visit with the pooches!

Anonymous said...

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