Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One of Our Favorites: Miss M's Very Own Pet

Since we're on break, we thought we would spend the week posting about some of our favorite posts. (Though do check our Facebook page as we will have current updates...and some exciting news). This has to be one of my favorite posts because it truly shows Miss M and Mr. B's relationship: she really thinks he is her pet dog:
Back when Miss M was an "only dog", the one thing she really, really wanted was a dog of her own. She used to watch longingly as other dogs passed by, and would nearly explode from excitement if one happened to look her way.
When we were ready to get another dog, we used to joke that we were getting Miss M her very own dog. We knew the new dog would need to have her approval, but little did we know what a diva she would become. We found a couple of dogs that we liked, but during the introductions Miss M only scoffed at them.
After we went through this whole drawn out process, and we found our Mr. B, Miss M continues to think Mr. B is really "her dog". She uses him as custom furniture:
 This one doesn't even look comfortable:
Controls where he goes:
And monitors his drink intake:
 Mr B has been a good sport through the whole process, but now he's asking for his very own cat.


How Sam Sees It said...

No! Not a cat!

You know it's funny, our boys are almost the exact opposite. Sam and Monty tolerate each other, but leave a "buffer" zone that neither invades. They don't play together, or sleep together, or do anything together. I really wish they would - it would be nice to have some pictures like yours!


Tucker The Crestie said...

Oh my goodness! Two Pitties and a Kitty In The City? Can it really be?

Unknown said...

ALL SMILES HERE!! This is cute. Women do rule, and obviously Miss M is very aware that boys drool.. :) So, she is just a very classy and smart lady. :)
Tripp is itching of a pet of his own too. He tries so hard to play with other dogs, and the big ones want nothing to do with him and the little ones beat him up.. So, we are quite ready to up our household number quite yet.. But I am totally digging the name two pitties and a kitty in the city.. :)
Kimberley and Tripp

Two Pitties in the City said...

Poor Mr. B...I don't think he will be getting his wish for his very own cat. I wonder if a stuffie will suffice?

Jaime said...

I think Izzy is just satisfied with her foster siblings. She loves to play, but I know she loves her one on one time with her humans even more.

The Daily Pip said...

These pictures are even more adorable the second time around.

Your pal, Pip

Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL, your own pillow....hilarious
Benny & Lily

In Black and White said...

Love this post! I think Bilbo would love his own pet but none of the fosters I've brought home have been his idea of the perfect companion so he hasn't tried to persuade me to keep any of them yet. (Phew)

Barb said...

Just came across this post and, oh my, how cute. Love your blog posts. :)

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