Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Dog Rescue Is Stylish

Long, long ago, before we had Mr. B, and even Miss M, I would troll Petfinder hoping to find my perfect match. I will always remember one profile I kept coming back to about a dog who was pulled by the rescue group just as she was scheduled to be euthanized. The profile said " This would have been a great loss for Jackie's future forever family as she is a fantastic dog! She is super-snuggly (as bully breeds tend to be) and loves her people above everything!"
I kept imagining this other family, and how their life would have turned out so differently if this dog hadn't been saved. 
Little did I realize, this "other family" would be me:
Since then I have always been so grateful that New Leash on Life did take a chance on the overlooked Miss M, just like they continue to take chances on pooches like SuperLevi, Bachelor Boris, and Elderbull Bessie Belle (also slated to be euthanized!) 
Though I'm also learning how expensive rescue work can be, especially when unexpected medical costs come up. Since New Leash on Life does rely completely on donations, they can only rescue as many pooches as they can finance. Which means there are often pooches like Miss M or Bessie Belle left behind. Luckily, there are some very talented people donating their time and talents, where money supporting the rescue also gets you something cool in return!
I had long been cyber-stalking the talented  La Familia Green  who designs the most clever greeting cards, including cat and dog-themed cards inspired by her own cat Lemur and pooch Stickers. I have wiled away many the afternoon cyber-reading the hilarious cards in her shop  (Meerkats in pumpkins! Smooching mimes! Cute NYC city rats! Rescue pets!)
So we were so excited when Mollie volunteered to design the new T-shirts and bandanas for New Leash, including a very familiar face:
Not only are these great rescue t-shirts, but all of the proceeds go to help save more pups! The t-shirts are a unique, super-soft 3 fabric blend just like the fashion t's you find in certain stores. They come in a men's and woman's cut, and we recommend ordering one size up, as they are fitted.
They are currently taking pre-orders, and limited sizes and quantities are available. They also ship! 
T-shirts are $25, bandanas $10 (+$5 shipping)
T-shirt + bandana $30 (+5 shipping)
Family Deal (2 t-shirts + 1 bandana) $50 (+$5 shipping)
To order, follow the instructions here and make sure to indicate your size and whether it's men's or women's. Orders can also be picked up at the upcoming New Leash on Life Alumni and Supporters Appreciation party (If you come, you can see Miss M and Mr B in a kissing booth!) 
Orders can be made by using this donation button.

We are also so excited that New Leash on Life has been chosen as the first monthly for Yellow Brick Home's pet shop!  This was another focus of our cyber-stalking and we just can't stop staring at our own little portrait that really captures the essence of our pooches (the eyes are so realistic!). We know a lot of people have been waiting to order, but we have just heard the holidays are only 4 months away, so this would be the perfect time to order your portrait, with a percentage going back to help pooches at New Leash!

Also available, and because we can't stop staring at him, adoptable Count Chocula from New Leash on LIfe.

Let us know in the comments if there are any questions or if anything is unclear!
Miss M's Original Petfinder Profile (Is it just me, or does she look like a vampire?)


Debra@Peaceabull said...

Somehow, I can't see Miss M as a "Jackie." I do love that Yellowbrick Home portrait, though. Its great how Miss M is slightly in the foreground...(hogging the spotlight?) I can't wait to order one of my Ray.

Two Pitties in the City said...

I ended up meeting Miss M's namesake Jackie (she is so great!). Doesn't she look like a completely different dog in those photos? Our portrait is one of our favorite things; you should definitely post when Ray gets a portrait!

Anonymous said...

She does look like a vampire in those pics :)

Anonymous said...

She does look like a vampire in those pics :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom has a hard time going onto those sites. We wish we could save every buddy and bring them all home.
Benny & Lily

Brenda said...

Lady was deemed "unadoptable" after being turned in to the shelter. Her sibling who had also been turned in was adopted, but Lady was scheduled to be euthanized until a shelter photographer took a liking to her and convinced the German Shepherd Rescue group to take her in. I had almost forgotten about that until this post reminded me...

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