Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Mr B Never Leaves his Tepee

This is Mr. B.
Mr. B lives in a tepee.
A tepee without a door.
Each day when we leave Mr. B is sitting in his tepee.
Each day when we return Mr. B is back in his tepee.
He must have been there all day!
Sometimes, when I'm coming home, I can look up and see Mr. B like this:
I will point and wave at him.
He will look back at me. But when I come upstairs, he is back in his tepee. Like he never moved.
Poor Mr. B. He thinks that we don't know he doesn't stay in his tepee all day.
In case you missed it:
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How Sam Sees It said...

I ought to try one for our boys - I wonder how they would like a tepee?


Sarah said...

Ha! Our girls do the same thing with their kennels. The fur-vidence is all over the couch in the den but they innocently sit in the kennels like they never moved. :)

My Two Pitties said...

Haha, he thinks he has you fooled! The 2nd picture is too cute:)

Anonymous said...

I that he has a tepee, it's so cute!

Tucker The Crestie said...

I have to say ... I just love me some Mr. B!

Anonymous said...

If I had a teepee, I probably would never leave it either!

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