Friday, December 14, 2012

Life According to Miss M and Mr. B

Miss M and Mr. B live by their own rules.
Life is too short for walking, must run everywhere
Everyone is complimenting me, even when they are only talking on their phone
Food must be enjoyed by all
Encourage service staff (A and E) to do better with derogatory sneezes and snorts
A face within kissing distance must be kissed
A best friend makes the most comfortable pillows
Every day should be an adventure
What have you learned from your pups?

Their favorite adventure.
And again.


DerbyAnn said...

I love this blog!
bright my day!

Happy Friday!

julie g said...

The lil rescue grrl that's with us wakes up every morning like "50 First Dates" - she lives in the moment, and thinks every person, toy, etc. is 'new' again. It can certainly be very challenging to us humans (excited behavior, in need of space, etc.), and she has some ingrained behaviors from "lives" before us that often make it difficult, but it makes me consider treating each day new and worthy of "inhaling" to it's full potential.

Anonymous said...

I cannot get enough of them!!!!!!

Rebelwerewolf said...

If it fits in your mouth (or even if it doesn't), it's food.

Corbin said...

Oh, this post made me smile this morning :-) Love Miss M & Mr. B! We learn so much from our pups... the most important lesson I've learned from Corbin is that there isn't much in life that isn't made better with a snuggle and a smooch.
-Corbin's momma, Jenn

Anonymous said...

If there are shoes around, you must bring them to Daddy because that tells him it's time to play.

If you hear the fridge door open you must go in the kitchen and beg for cheese.

And, last but not least you must hoover the kitchen floor every night looking for crumbs.

I love this post, it started my day off right!

Luv My Rosie said...

I have learned that having Rosie makes me less selfish since I have to share everything with her. I know that Im not going to get to hog the bed or the covers. I have learned to get used to her snoring in my ear and her art work on my windows. I have also learned (the very hard way) that a too quiet pitbull is either sleeping or getting into trouble. BUT I wouldn't trade it for anything. She makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Love this! To go with the flow and to enjoy the simple things. A walk through the neighborhood or a night in on the couch with your pup are the best ever.

Anonymous said...

Also my pup hoovers the kitchen floor looking for crumbs every night too!

Trissi_V said...

Mr. B and Miss M. life rules are as awesome as they are.

A few of my pups life rules:

Do not be stingy with hugs give them out freely and often. (Apollo can force a hug out of anybody, he is really quite talented that way)

If all pictures of your dog are blurry, then they might be a yeti (I have more blurry pics of Laci than I care to count)

Anything can be made better with a Laci kiss and she gives them as freely and with great abandon as Apollo gives hugs.

Kate said...

Aw!!! Dogs are the best :D

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

I love this post! Zoe has taught me many things, among which are the following:

-Live in the most -- the past is the past!
-Listen to my first intuitions about people (Zoe is always right!).
-Be grateful for what I have.
-Make sure to let everyone important to me know how much I love them every single day.

As cliche as those lessons may sound, they really are true!

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

P.S. By "live in the most," I mean "live in the moment!" Oy.

Emily said...

Our pups have taught us to forgive and be resilient and to laugh and smile even when things aren't going our way.

Tucker The Crestie said...

Miss M and Mr. B seem to have everything all figured out!

liliana876 said...

The most important things I have learned from my fur pack are:

1. Live in the moment
2. Love unconditionally


Anonymous said...

Wonderful advice :)

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

There are great rules to live by. Wish I could remember to do them everyday!

jet said...

Their rules sound just like Bender's rules. Barbie's are a little different. Hers are more about relaxing and being calm so that you have more energy to burn when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Keri @ Trinitys Love said...

No matter how upset you are, how long you've gone without seeing someone, and how much you have to do, always kiss & snuggle with the one you love. Sometimes putting stuff aside for a good cuddling session is worth it.

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