Monday, December 17, 2012

SociaBulls: Different But the Same

Since we started our Chicago SociaBulls group we have had approximately 17 walking locations! This past weekend we added one more to the mix.
Our locations have varied from downtown lakefronts to historical urban parks. From neighborhoods to city trails. From campuses to sculpture gardens. Here are some things they all have in common:

Random Geese
 Goose poo has become one of the biggest distractions the pups need to deal with. The worst was in this location. Besides being a temptation for our pups to try to eat (Miss M!) and roll in (white Derby!) the geese themselves are sometimes a distraction. Check out these ducks who actually tried to join in the group. Even Mr. B was a little upset about these outsiders--don't they look extra exotic?

Curious Police Officers
We've had about 7 times that I can distinctly remember when police officers actually drove up to the group (one even drove down a hill!) to see what was going on. Though I'm always unsure what they want, the police officers are all very friendly and very impressed to see all the dogs walking together. One officer said he couldn't believe there were so many pitbulls, and even little ones, all walking so nicely together. One officer wanted to know why they were all 'dressed up'. And they all have left saying it's a great thing to see so many responsible owners.

Friendly Neighbors
Wherever we go people are always very welcoming. Sometimes it's people on a park bench watching the pups like they're part of a parade. Sometimes it's people with their own pups walking by with a nod and a smile. And sometimes it's people coming up to the group to ask about what we're doing.
Is Chicago just an underrated very friendly city?

Why the pups in these photos look so attentive
Secret walking locations
Check out these ducks!


Rebelwerewolf said...

Haha, I can imagine that seeing the pittie walk is the highlight of the cops' patrol route. The first cop probably told all their coworkers about the dressed-up pitbulls on parade in the park, and then they all wanted to go see for themselves!

Anonymous said...

I would have been so nervous to have the police driving down a hill to me to ask what I was up to. But, really you aren't doing anything wrong so they can't say anything about it.

And, believe me it seems no matter where you go there are plenty of geese, we are battling them here in Wichita all the time!

Sara @ LiteraryLima said...

Haha, that's hilarious about the police! They probably appreciate you guys patrolling their streets, keeping an eye out for naughty squirrels and sneaky cats. :)

Debra@Peaceabull said...

I can't even imagine the kind of superhero powers I'd need to make sure Ray didn't eat goose poo. :-)

Life_With_Alfred said...

I guess I take for granted that goose poop is the one thing my dogs don't get into! Had fun on the walk Sunday...thanks always for all of the time and effort that goes into organizing the group. :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Maybe they think you are Occupy Chicago, BOL
Benny & Lily

jet said...

Well cops probably deal with nasty dogs/nasty owners a little bit, so it would be nice for them to see responible owners with lovely dogs ;) I'll admit I am always nervous about cops talking to me as well, hang up from when I was younger and was always being hassled for walking late at night in areas that people don't walk :P Got interrogated once because a friend and I were carrying a basket full of washing back from the laundromat!

My Two Pitties said...

I would have been terrified(I have a very serious bird phobia) and geese are SO big and mean! I once had to leave a beach because Norman would not stop eating the seagull poop:(

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