Monday, December 9, 2013

SociaBulls: On Local Like-Minded Dog People

I always felt a bit isolated when I first adopted Miss M.
She was the first dog I had that I was raising on my own, and I often doubted my own abilities to care for her.
I didn't know what to do when she would play tug of war with the leash (especially because we had to go on so many walks each day!). I thought I had broken her when I discovered her paws were cracked and irritated from the ice, and I never know what walking equipment worked best and I was constantly trying new things looking for that magic tool.
I wasn't sure where to find people who had been through this too.
So one of my not-spoken-about-alot reasons for starting our Chicago SociaBulls group was to begin creating this community. We had started meeting so many great dog people out-and-about, many of them would stop us because they knew our dogs from our blog, and I wanted a way to continue these connections.
Since then, our group has become an amazing resource. We are all facing the same Chicago-specific dog situations, as well as discussions on food allergies, snow boots, and the latest in walking gear. Plus, we all actually love hearing one another's dog stories.
We feel very lucky to have our group as a resource, what are some other ways you connect with local like-minded dog people?

If you want your own...
About the dogs in our Group!
Who we really are

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To learn more about our group, join our Chicago SociaBulls page for more photos and updates. 


Anonymous said...

Petey used to (and sometimes still does if he's very wound up) grab his leash and make scary werewolf noises. His puppy school teacher called it "Manipulative Pit Bull behavior"
It is really WONDERFUL you have created a community! I've met people who were/are just as exasperated and desperate as I was when I first got a highly energetic feral puppy. But we all want what's best for the dog and to present them in the most positive light

Two French Bulldogs said...

You are the perfect group to test out winter wear

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