Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Macy's Holiday Windows

We were hoping to make this one of our annual winter traditions, though it seems this winter the theme has been "Chiberia" (though we can all now check off our list that we have experienced -52(!!) degree wind chills). So while we missed out on the holiday windows, and this little side-effect that came with it, we thought we would revisit our trip from last year: 

Talking to any Chicagoan, one nostalgic holiday tradition everyone remembers is going to see the Marshall Fields's holiday windows.
Marshall Fields was a local department store pioneer who created the holiday window displays that began in Chicago over a century ago. He created theatre sets within each of the seven large windows spanning State Street. Each window tells part of a story. In the past they have had themes including Pinocchio and Harry Potter. This year was 'The Magic of Christmas'. Though a lot of people have been disappointed when Macy's bought out independent Marshall Fields they have not done the windows justice.
Despite the local controversy, with the dreary, cold weather, it's fun to have an outdoor, dog-accessible activity we can all enjoy (despite Miss M's face):
Mr.B actually spent time looking in windows. I love how he looks with his little friend.
And Miss M....was Miss M.
With the colder weather, what are some activities you're still able to do outside with your pups?

We also loved this and this in the winter.
Taking your pup on an art walk!
The warm activity that gives Miss M 'Crazy Eyes'

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Anonymous said...

When I lived in NYC, the holiday windows were one of my favorite strolls! I think it's hysterical that Mr. B enjoys Chicago's also!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh you guys are so hilarious in your outfits. Bet you are the warmest dogs in Chicago

Elizabeth said...

is that jack frost behind ms. m?!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Thanks everyone! @Elizabeth, you have a good eye! These photos were from when we were able to go last year and Jack Frost joined us (I don't know if we ever wrote about it...but that same day we were stopped by a news crew and they interviewed me about my shopping habits as I was holding Jack Frost in my bag. I guess there was a big close-up of him on the news, and our friends were calling us, but we never saw the segment). When I last saw Jack a few months ago, he still remembered me and he got so excited! His foster mom ended up adopting him.

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