Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things to do with Your Dog in Chicago: Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

While we spent this entire time scheming about what we'd do once warmer weather struck, we have been so distracted from our move that we've barely had time to do anything. Looking at the calendar, I realized that summer is slowly slipping away and there are so many things we still want to do.
Here are some of our favorite must-do things we still want to do with the pups this summer:

Impromptu Picnics
During the summer I always carry some type of light blanket or sarong during our daily walks so we can have the chance to grab any food that looks good, find a space in the park and have a pop-up picnic. Somehow the food always tastes that much better when eaten outside.

Go on a Boat
We always tell anyone visiting Chicago the only thing they really have to do is go on one of the architectural boat tours. These tours travel down the Chicago river (and part of the lake) letting you see the amazing architecture of Chicago from a completely different view. They even have the Mercury Canine Cruise which lets you experience this with your pups. It's one of our favorite annual summer traditions. Here we wrote about the first year we went.

Alfresco Theatre
We think everything is better enjoyed outside, and Chicago has set up a full line-up of outdoor movies in the park all along the local neighborhood parks. Everyone just pulls up a blanket and brings snacks, so it's something you can enjoy with your pups too.
The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is also having traveling performances of Shakespeare in the Park at many of the local parks. There will be a showing at the park that is mere blocks from our home.
Last year, Mr. B even got to be an unsuspecting part of the play.

Go to Farmer's Market (and make dog treats from the things we buy!)
The pups love coming with us to the Farmer's Market and even carrying a backpack to help out and carry the groceries. I've been trying to cook more often, and I think it would only be fair to try buying some things at the market to make some treats for the pups.
Does anyone have any good dog treat recipes from things I could get at the market?

So, what is on everyone else's must-do summer list?

Our favorite impromptu picnic. Or maybe this one.
Maybe some of this.
Remember this bad memory?

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Two French Bulldogs said...

More people should take advantage of all those fun outings before the cold creeps in
Lily & Edward

Laura said...

Sure love the way you enjoy summer and daily life with your pups! We like to eat dinner outside and be with our dogs, and going to the beach is our favorite outing. Mr. B and Miss M will be happy for homemade treats. :) I hope to try some recipes from Dog Treat Kitchen:

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