Monday, May 18, 2015

CIty Dog: Reasons to Walk

We know some people are hesitant to get dogs in the city because without backyards, there is always so much walking involved. While we really enjoy heading out for a family walk,  I've also realized so many other times it has been helpful to have a dog at your side.

Finding a Mailbox
While so many things are better in the city, one thing that is more difficult is mail.
Without going into stolen packages or lack of delivery, it is just really difficult to mail stuff.
You can't just put the outgoing mail in your mailbox for the mail person to take, but you have to put it in a common blue mailbox. Which usually will be several blocks out of your way, and across at least 2 large streets. Or just hard to find. I would go days carrying my Netflix around hoping to stumble upon a mailbox that I never found.
The mailbox closest to our house is about 4 blocks away, which means I'm walking 8 blocks just to mail a letter. Which seems like a chore if I'm doing it on my own, but it becomes worthwhile with the pups. And if Mr. B can bring his stuffy.

Justifying Walk-by Donuts
Mr. B jauntily waits for donuts.
Chicago is really good at having walk-by food windows. Including several dessert options.
And since we're out walking around with the pups so much, we've made it a family tradition to stop by the Glazed & Infused window on our family walks.

Having a Late-Night Escort
While we walk most places in the city, I still know to take extra precautions after dark.
It seems like the people I'm most wary of, are most wary of the pups. E and I always refer back to the time when we were walking and a guy leaped out of our way, turns to Mr. B and told him "Much respect, Sir".
We're lucky that so many places in the city allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas so if I'm going out to meet friends I can bring one of the pups to escort me home.

Teaching your pup to behave at an outdoor patio
Some favorites.
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bigalrlz said...

What a happy Monday treat, to have a Two Pittie blog post as the 1st thing to greet me on the interweb this AM! Always enjoy seeing what you guys are up to. Have a great week!

Faye said...

Agree with bigalrlz - the pitties are a happy sight. Always enjoyed walking Willie the Pit in my neighborhood so people would know who I had for a roommate. Also like knowing that I'm making my dog happy with a walk.

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

but we definitely use it as a crutch in lieu of more frequent walks. I always secretly wish I still lived in a yardless apartment - I loved the time spent walking around my 'hood with Tess.

Thank you -

Laura said...

What fun for you and the pups! Love that some guy showed respect for sweet Mr. B and called him "Sir"!

OG said...

Much respect sir! I love it! Much respect to you for the blog post!

Chantelle said...

"It seems like the people I'm most wary of, are most wary of the pups." This has been SO true for me walking my pittie, too.

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