Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Daily Walk: A Thanksgiving Walk

After a great Thanksgiving dinner with our family, we took advantage of the great post-Thanksgiving weather and went on a couple family Thanksgiving walks on the Bloomingdale Trail. In the summer, there were times when the trail was too hot for the pooches and they would struggle a bit on their family walks.
Now that the weather is cooler, Miss M and Mr. B were excited to take on the trail. On one walk they even spotted their good friend and foster extraordinaire Kathy, with Max and newly adopted Bill. Bill, Max, Mr. B and Miss M even formed a jam band to entertain fellow Bloomingdale Trailers.
On another walk they met friends from Safe Humane Chicago and Brew City Bully Club and A and I  finally had a chance to try the Nutella S'mores donut from Glazed and Infused.
Miss M took in some local street art at Violet Hour and Mr. B posed for some candid street-style photos. We even had a chance to do some impromptu Black Friday shopping on Sunday.


bigalrlz said...

Great to hear from you guys! Happpy Holidaze and Merry Xmas!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You obviously went shopping on Black Friday!
Lily & Edward

Jacquelin Cangro said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Happy holidays to all of you.

OG said...

Love the photos of Mr. B!

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