Friday, January 6, 2017

Pooches: On the Evolution of Dog Bathing

We have spent years perfecting our dog baths.
It all began as an episode of the coyote and roadrunner between me and Miss M
Which later turned into an efficient multi-dog cleaning operation.
While we thought we had things down, what we didn't count on were some of the changes we needed to make as the pups have gotten older.
While it used to be enough to train the pups to jump into the bathtub, we want to be careful of the pups' joints as they age.
So they have graduated to the shower.
It's easier for them to step in, it already has the shower head attachment, and with the high walls they can't escape.
We put a scouring pad on the drain to collect all the hair, and it's actually easier than our former set-up.
Anyone else have tips for dog bathing?

How it started.
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Unknown said...

You guys already have it all figured out, but I just want to mention how adorable Mr. B manages to be in every shot - wet, with his head half covered, not really looking at you, whatever!

A Favret said...

The shower works out best for us too. We taught our pibble the word "shake" so that he shakes a lot of the water and loose hair off before we let him out of the shower:)

Susan said...

I always bathe my big guy in the shower. I get in with him, give him the dreaded bath, then dry him off & let him out. I then scrub the shower then take my own shower. Works great! That said, if he's persistently in my face and I don't know what he wants all I've got to do is ask if he wants a bath. He gives me that look, then goes to his bed. :)

Jacquelin Cangro said...

Great idea! Reggie knows the what's coming when I get the dog shampoo out of the closet. He tries to hide under his bed. :)

Jan said...

Grooming shop. Poodles need to be clipped so this is our expensive solution to bathing them.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We call it water boarding
Lily & Edward

Dachshund Nola said...

The joys of a small dog: I just stick her in the sink.

Unknown said...

The shower way is our favorite!

Unknown said...

So cool!!! Love it! I think it's the best idea to give them a bath with the shower-head.

BODIE said...

Yep we do the shower thing. Best tip I ever got was for drying off use a shammi cloth. Saves on getting lots of towels wet.

World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing these very cute photos with us. We love reading your idea of using the showerhead. They look like they are loving getting fresh and clean. Have a great rest of your day.
World of Animals

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