Thursday, July 12, 2018

Miss M's Not-Bucket List: Part II

In 2010, I wrote about Miss M being 100% mutt (it is nice to see Miss M's face show up as a web search result for 100% mutt).
Now that we have Little K, the post has a lot more meaning for us. It is interesting to us that when Little K was a baby, he would wave hi to everyone we passed by on our daily walks with both pooches and now that he is verbal, he says hi to everyone on our daily walk with Mr. B. He must have developed this habit from Miss M.

Our daily walks would often be a slow affair because it was an imperative to Miss M to say to everyone, she would either pull to someone or stop completely just to say hi. She was such an outgoing pooch and we love how Little K emulates Miss M and will say hi to everyone we pass by on our walks. Much like Mr. B, A and I are rather shy, so we are grateful that Miss M showed Little K how to be more outgoing.
Much like Miss M, Little K is a mutt aka Hapa Haole, but he knows his mixed heritage. As a not-bucket list item, we thought it would be interesting to Miss M and more so to us, if we got to know Miss M's background, so we did a DNA test for her back in December of 2016.
And the results are:


Unknown said...

not a mutt. :)

Unknown said...

Mazzy! 💙💚💛

Unknown said...

I love your posts! I find them hilarious especially all the posts about their Ms. Mazzy and Mr. B's antics! Do you think you will get another dog? When our Bear died, my husband and I couldn't get used to how quiet the house got with only one dog. Our other dog also seemed sad and lonely. We broke down and got our next pup a month later.

Callie's Mom said...

As far as Callie is concerned, Miss M was pure QUEEN!!!

World of Animals, Inc. said...

This post was so beautiful. Just seeing how happy he is in the picture. We can picture him waving to everyone. The photos are so lovely. We fell in love with them all. Thanks for the share. Keep up the great posts.
World of Animals

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liliana876 said...

I always knew she was an American Bulldog :-) I miss her.

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