Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pooches: Expression

So one day, Mr. B started to really smell like a mackerel. This smell was bad enough to even wake both A and I from a deep sleep 2 in the morning. After doing some research, we came to the conclusion that his anal sacs or anal glands needed to be emptied. During a vet visit, we asked them to express Mr. B's anal glands, which we thought we be free or for a nominal fee, but to our surprise it was $30. So we needed to find a cheaper way of expressing Mr. B's anal glands. We found a video on Expert Village on how to express a dog's anal glands, but it didn't look like something either A or I would be willing to do. Then one day, while we were at PetSmart waiting for the dogs to be taken in for their baths, we were told that they would express both Mr. B's and Ms. M's anal glands for free. It is actually a free service with their baths, but you need to ask. Now we can have fresh smelling dogs with empty anal sacs after their spa day at PetSmart.

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