Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pooches: Twins--As in the Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger Type

Whenever we're out walking the dogs, people always ask if they're twins. Despite the fact they would technically be octuplets, it is funny because they're different breeds. But, since they've been living together they have slowly morphed into one dog. Kind of like those couples that start to look alike. Basically, Mr. B. sees Miss M. as the #1 dog and has started imitating her. This includes the way she sits, lays down, even her bad habits like hitting against the bed in the morning so we feed her, and sneezing all the time. Just look at their mannerisms:
While they're both still Pittie/Bully Breeds, Miss M. is technically an American Bulldog/Boxer mix. She has long limbs and stands nearly 6 inches taller then Mr. B. Her hands are like claws that can grab things and she has saggy jowls and an under bite. She is also brindle-striped.
Mr. B. is an American Staffordshire Terrier. He has stubby little legs but HUGE biceps. He has a huge, meaty head and is grey-colored. He likes to curl up like a little lamb.

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