Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pooches: The Adventures of Ms. M and Mr. B

A and I keep urging our single friends to take Ms. M and Mr. B for a walk around town, because they are great dude and chick magnets. This was very true this past Saturday. Last summer, we started walking our pooches down to Division street, because we wanted Mr. B to get used to the sights and sounds of the city when he was first adopted and transported from Kalamazoo, Michigan. From the first time we walked them in the city, we would get points and stares as if we were walking two celebrities, compliments and random people wanting to come up and meet our dogs. So this past Saturday night, I decided to take Ms. M and Mr. B on a long walk, which included walking through Division street. Right when we got onto Division street a girl dressed up for the bars saw Ms. M and completely fell in love. The bar girl asked if she could meet Ms. M and sat on a stair to let Ms. M kiss her on her face. This went on for a few minutes and all she kept talking about was Ms. M's cute face and her expressive eyes. When I tried to continue on my walk, the bar girl kept holding and petting Ms. M and Ms. M was so happy that she didn't move either. Eventually I got Ms. M to move and the bar girl looked so sad and she didn't want to say goodbye. We don't even make it to the next block, when three guys complimented them and Ms. M wiggles towards one of them and before I knew it all three were petting Ms. M and Mr. B. As our walk continues, people would compliment them, turn to look at them and tap their friends to see and some would pet them quickly. Then in front of Moonshine, a girl dressed in her Saturday night's best blocks Mr. B and starts rubbing his head. The waiter comes by and compliments them and tells me how he has a pit bull that looks like Mr. B and the girl chimes in saying that she also has a pit bull and how she loves pit bulls. After several minutes with more people stopping to pet them, I was able to pull Mr. B and Ms. M away from the mob of fans and continue our way back home. When we finally got home, Ms. M and Mr. B were so tired from all the attention that they just went straight to bed. Another day in the life of Ms. M and Mr. B.

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