Monday, April 13, 2009

Pooches: Lucky Dog Pet Service

We won a gift certificate for day care and boarding at Lucky Dog Pet Service during the New Leash On Life Raise the Woof benefit concert. So we decided to redeem this gift certificate to board Mr. B while we traveled to Tulum, Mexico during spring break. In our initial visit, Bonnie was kind enough to let both Ms. M and Mr. B run around the facility while she gave us a tour and explained all of their daycare and boarding options. The pooches could tell right away that Bonnie was a dog person and they took an immediate liking to her. The facility is really well-maintained and large enough that our dogs could run full sprint back and forth without running into a dog or the wall. We also love the fact that they work with New Leash on Life and they even board some of their dogs. So when it came to the actual boarding, we were pretty confident that we were leaving Mr. B in good hands. When we came back, Bonnie gave us a full report on Mr. B's stay and he was exhausted from running around for 5 days straight. Plus they bathed him for an extra fee, so we had a clean and fresh smelling Mr. B to take home. We will most likely use Lucky Dog Pet Service for boarding again.

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