Monday, August 3, 2009

Chicagoing: Fun with Pooches in Boystown!

This weekend was none other then Halsted Market Days; the craziest streetfest/ danceparty stretching for an entire 1/2 mile through Boystown. It has lots of boys in speedos, lots of boys dancing to club music in speedos, and lots of boys playing twister in speedos.
It also turns out New Leash on Life, Miss M's rescue group, was hosting an information/adoption event.
E and I decided to volunteer at the booth, and we were lucky enough to meet these pooches:
Arlo is only 1 year old, but he has an incredible disposition and he was calm even though it was loud and filled with lots of club music and dancing. Look how amazing his markings are.
We also met Bambino, a lazy little pug who spent the event laying in his foster dad's arms with his tongue hanging out.
This is Fiona, a mastiff who had the unfortunate fate of having her ears cropped "homemade" in her former life.
And this little guy, Vito, who we had actually met over at Lucky Dog. He has the same eyes as Mr. B, but he's a bit more frisky.
New Leash on Life is entirely volunteer run, so all the donations and proceeds go directly to the dogs. We were able to pick up some new shirts for ourselves, and some bandannas for the pooches to wear in next year's Pride Parade.

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