Monday, August 17, 2009

How we live in Memphis: Two kitties in the City

Today is my talented little sister I's birthday! E and I were lucky enough to spend time with her, and her fiance D, when we visited Memphis last month. They just bought a whole house where they live with their 2 adopted kittens. I has done an amazing job fixing up the house on a limited budget; you would never guess most of the house is furnished by Ikea and Target.
Our camera doesn't do it justice, but this is the guest bedroom where we stayed; it was decorated in light blue and silver. The light fixture and frames are from Ikea. The artwork is actually framed fabric. The nightstands are Target: Victoria Hagen collection, and she picked up the lamps from the Pottery Barn outlet in Memphis. She originally had wood cabinets, and she took them all off, sanded them, and painted them a bright white. It makes the kitchen so fresh, clean, and airy. She actually used this vase as inspiration for her living room paint color...
The paint choice was a bold move, but it really makes the place pop. Especially with all the white borders and accessories.
The taupe sofa looks great with the wall color. The "coffee table" are more tables from Target: Victoria Hagen collection. She sewed some of the pillows herself.
The red cabinet, from Ikea, houses D's extensive DVD collection. The prints are from Etsy. The little basket keeps all the kitty's toys tucked away.
She created this division to have an "office" in the area outside the living room. She keeps it bright with the yellow rug and bright white accessories.
She created this artwork herself using Wordle and Ikea frames. She used another bookcase in the bedroom to create a division. The shelves are also prime playspace for the kitties.
And her best home accessory of all, she has 2 beautiful kitties.
Her house was so beautiful and comfortable; E felt it was something out of Apartment Therapy. Happy Birthday I!

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