Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pooches: Dog Walker

For the longest time, we have thought about hiring a dog walker, but we couldn't find anyone we trusted in our neighborhood. A and Ms. M had a dog walker that they absolutely loved, but she moved out of the city. We've considered going with a dog walking company, but our friends have horror stories which quickly stopped those thoughts. Also with many dog walking companies, they change who walks your dogs, and we are very particular of how our dogs are fed and walked. When our friends recommended their dog walker, we decided to give her a try and she has completely changed our lives. Since we started at new schools and A has been working on her National Board application our hours have been inconsistent with a lot more late nights at school. Now we can stay late and not worry about the pooches. We trust her with our pooches and they absolutely love her. In addition, she brought the pooches these great gifts for Christmas. If you are in Chicago and in need of a dog walker, let us know.


laura said...

I would be very picky about who was taking care of my pets too, glad you found someone. The other day at the house where I was working, the dog walker came to get the homeowner's pooch. They were back within minutes because the dog refused to walk in the cold. So the dog walker (an older gentleman) laid down on the floor and cuddled with the pooch for awhile! It was very sweet.

Dexter said...

That is great that you found somebody you can trust. There are so many folks out there who don't really know much about dogs but want to be dog walkers anyway.

We had a period of time when Mango was an only dog that we couldn't be home to let him out and so we got a dog letter outer (just no way that we would trust 230 pounds of mastiff with anybody off the property).

I think she enjoyed just haning out with the big guy for half an hour and letting him show off his tricks.

Mango Momma

Rescued Pittie Family said...

Oh my God I swear ya'll our our Chicago clones!
We have the same dilemma at our house!
We are blessed in that we both work 10 minutes from our house, but we would so love a dog walker for those days when we really need to stay at work.
But who can you trust?
Especially with bullies.
If you know anyone in Nashville let us know!

Kate said...

The Hubs and I thought about getting a dog walker, but we're just too picky and paranoid about who we would let in our house. It's awesome that you found someone you like! If only we lived in Chicago too!

Kari in Alaska said...

Isnt it great to have someone you trust to look after your dogs? I love that a friend Ive known since 7th grade lives one street over and can always let the pups out if we have a last minute change of plans or can stay at our place with them if we are gone!

dw said...

Aww, what sweet pictures! I'm glad you found a good dog walker. I work from home so I can take Rainy out...and I'm going to try to get her to potty on either a walk or a trip down to the alley rather than on the balcony. There's way too many distractions on the balcony with all the street noise of the city.

kissa-bull said...

wow i cant imagen trusting anyone with our babies im so paranoid
great job on finding one you trust.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

That is something I really wish we could find, it is so hard to find someone to trust your dogs with. We are so glad that you al found some one!!

Dory's Mama

PS Thanks so much for the comment on Dory's blog!

Mary said...

I can totally relate. I hated leaving Levi in a kennel last year and it was only for two nights. When we went to Belize for a week, I agonized over what to do with him. Luckily, a fellow shelter volunteer (so very familiar with pit bulls and dogs with issues) was starting a dog walking/sitting business and she stayed with him. I was 100% at ease knowing he was in her care and that he was at home in his environment. It was worth every penny. He's so sensitive, after all! The best part is that she's a professional photographer and sent us pictures of him throughout the week.

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