Friday, March 5, 2010

Pooches: Miss M's Circus Dog Training

I've written a couple of times about how when Miss M. came to live with me, she acted like she was raised by wolves. She didn't know how to sit still, and would race around like this looking like she was going to eat me:I was quick to enroll her in training classes where she actually spent her first class barking and whipping around like a fish on a line. Given how easy it is to train pitties, Miss M. was a quick learn and she was transformed into a circus dog.
We posted a video showing how she learned to pick up her own toys and put them away.
She also knows:
Dead Dog
Roll Over
Walk around me in a circle
Take a Bow
My favorite is when she pretends to be dead, but still has a roving eyeball. You can see her array of tricks, here:
I'm also kind of tapped out on new trick ideas. Does anyone have any ideas?


Mack said...

Oh My Dog - She is so smart!
And soooo pretty too!

pibble said...

That's it. I'm stealing her. And Mr. B. If they're ever missing, you'll know where to find them; safe and sound with me. I'm so impressed! And she looks absolutely adorable in her cap and gown!

Anonymous said...

ZOMD! If I had hands, I would applaud for Miss M. She is Most Amazing! Especially the part at the end with the yummies on her paws. Oh, my. What self-controls. But now I am inspired to work even harder on my homeworks.

Bravo, Miss M!

Wiggles & Wags,

Rescued Pittie Family said...

How fantastic!
I love the treats on the paws - bless her heart she is so good!
What a sweet, sweet baby ya'll have.

Lindsay said...

She is so freaking adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Miss M. That is a lot of reely grate triks! I hope one day I no as manee triks as you!

saratogajean said...

I love that she seems not to be an ambi-roller...dead dog she does on either side, but she rolls over her right side every time!

So cute.

Unknown said...

I'm new at this. My sissy is a beginner, so I can't offer any suggestions. It's pretty clear to me thought that Mrs M is not only good at what she does (kudos to you too) but she likes to learn and be challenged. I can't wait to see what she does in the future.

Princess said...

She's awesome and congrats to ya'll for teaching her those things!

Have you thought about dancing like Honey the Great Dane?!

And please share your secrets on roll over, I can't get P to do that one for the life of me, let alone half the others you did!! :o)

Kari in Alaska said...

the wagging tail during play dead is awesome :)

Dog Foster Mom said...

That was awesome - great job!!! I agree with Princess - how did you teach her to roll over? I thought maybe pit bulls were incapable of that due to their body shape. I guess its just me that can't figure out how to teach that trick. :-)

New trick ideas...hmmm.. you could teach her to chase her tail. My dog Noelle likes to do that one. Or to sing. Or there's a video on the Bad Rap blog a few weeks ago of a pit bull doing a handstand - that'd be a good trick.

Now you've motivated me to work on some more tricks with my dogs!

Bijou said...

Well Miss M, you are a very smart girl. You do lots or neat tricks and I can't do a single one. Does that mean I'm dumb or that my mom is lazy? BOL

Can you sit up and beg? That would be a cool trick don't ya think?


SusanA said...

I'm with Princess & DFM. Roll over just didn't take with Stella (who watched every second of the video btw) She plays dead when I say roll over.You could teach Miss M to speak or search for stuff (preferably of the liver variety :)

laura said...

Whipping around like a fish on a line? As a fisher'woman' this one had me howling! What a great description. I admit I'm right there with Keri, I love the wagging tail on the dead dog!

kissa-bull said...

aww that playing dead is our most favorite eber
she is so smart
i agree wiff pibble we are so stealing her
pibble sugars and wee wags
the houston pittie pack

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Very impressive!

I would recommend:
- "commando"- this is actually crawl
- "buddha"- I think people usually call this "sit pretty"
- "turn around"
- "back up"- this one is super handy

dw said...

How cute! Like laura said, I love the wagging tail on the first bang dead dog! Heee! One trick I saw on TV the other day was for the dog to weave between your legs, using them like those posts to weave through in competition. If she can walk around you, this would be a variation on that. Very cute Miss M. And of course it was cute to see Mr. B coming into the picture at the end when treats made an appearance! Love the cap and gown, btw!

Dexter said...

Hey those are good moves. Momma is trying to teach me play dead, but I get confused about putting my head down.

Does your repertoire include two of my favorites; spin and leg weaves?


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Miss M. you are smart AND adorable!!

Dory and the Mama

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