Sunday, October 30, 2011

FAQ's About SuperLevi's Fundraiser

All donations can be made through Levi's Rescue site New Leash on Life here:
In the comments note "For Levi"

Thanks everyone for all your support helping raise money for the surgery to help foster dog SuperLevi save his vision. We have a couple of options for the fundraiser, and here are some ways to help:

1) Participate in SuperLevi's walk to find his X-Ray vision (Even if You're not in Chicago!)
 You can purchase a T-shirt to participate in the walk. Each T-shirt comes with 1 SuperLevi logo dog bandana.
Proceeds go to Levi's surgery fund, and you get a snazzy, commemorative shirt and bandana!
We featured the shirts in the post here.
You can purchase the shirt by making the donation here.
If you purchase 2 shirts, you will also be entered in the raffle (see raffle below)
Shirts will be available until sold out. Please purchase shirts by Thursday, November 3 to be shipped in time.

Outside the Chicago Area:
-One T-shirt and bandana is $33 including shipping. Extra dog bandanas are $15
-Purchase a shirt by clicking here.
-When purchasing on the site, include For Levi and your T-shirt size in the comments section
-We will be having our walk on Saturday, November 12. We would love to see everyone across the country walking on that day and sharing on our Facebook page. We will also be having a follow-up blog post showing all the walkers.

Inside the Chicago Area
-One T-shirt and bandana is $30. This gets you "entry" to Levi's big walk with some special fun features.
-Purchase a shirt by clicking here.
-When purchasing on the site, include For Levi and your T-shirt size in the comments section
-Our walk will be Saturday, November 12 @ 9:00 am. Dogs and people welcome. Specific info will be announced in a dedicated post on Friday. We will be walking in the city in a location with free/cheap parking (more details in Friday's post).
-Shirts can either be picked up at a New Leash adoption event (schedule here), or the morning of the event.

2) Participate in a Raffle
 The pooches are raffling off some of their favorite items. See a complete list of brand new raffle prizes that we wrote about here.  (Dog Backpack, GoPro Camera, Dog Sweater, Ruffwear Coat)
You can purchase raffle tickets until Friday, November 11.
-Each $20 donation will count as one raffle ticket.
-Or, if you buy 2 T-shirts you will get one raffle ticket .
-You can make donations on the New Leash donation page to get a raffle ticket or T-shirt.Please indicate in the comments which “Specialized Prize” you would like to put your ticket in. (Dog Backpack, GoPro Camera, Coat or Sweater) or T-shirt size.
-If you donated previously and would like to add the raffle ticket, please email and indicate the prize you would like to win.
-All tickets will automatically be entered into both collar drawings in addition to your “Specialized Prize”. If you buy multiple tickets, you will be entered multiple times to increase your chances of winning.
-Collar prizes are chosen at random. Unfortunately, you cannot select which of the prizes within the collar category you would prefer.
-The raffle will be open until November 12.
-Winners will be chosen at random through an online random number generator that NLOL will coordinate.
-When winners are notified, we will coordinate the information and shipment of your prize.
You can purchase raffle tickets and T-shirts on the NLOL site by clicking here.

3) Donate
 Levi is part of an all-volunteer rescue that relies solely on donations. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by clicking here.

4) Share, Share, Share!
 We do understand how tough the times are for everyone. So even sharing Levi's story on Facebook or blogs would be so, so helpful.
Thanks again everyone for all your support!


A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

Awww, is SuperLevi trying to give Miss M a smooch in that last picture?

They looks so cute in their matching bandannas.

Paws crossed our shirt and bandanna arrive before we leave for vacation. We are hoping to capture a photo wherever we are that day for your walk. Best of luck with the fundraiser.


Unknown said...

You guys are awesome! We hope to help any way we can, Super Levi will surely keep his vision.

Kari in Alaska said...

I just know this will all work out for Levi

Stop on by for a visit

Trissi_V said...

Those bandannas look GREAT! I cannot wait to get them and the t-shirt. Now I will be checking the mail daily.

Oh...and I love the group shot of three pups. Miss M's look in the first one is classic.

Daisy Dog said...

We can't wait to get our T-shirts and scarfs and be part of the virtual walk form California!!

goosie mama said...

G and I donated through NLOL this am! Fingers crossed for our Levi!

Just a heads up, some of the links are erroring out (the one from today's post worked though) - not sure why, but thought I'd let you know :)

Mavis Wanczyk said...

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