Friday, October 28, 2011

Using Some of Our Favorite Things to Help Levi Find his X-Ray Vision

 All week we've been posting about some of our favorite things in preparation for another way to help foster dog SuperLevi afford the surgery to find his X-ray vision.
We are always astounded by how many people selflessly donate, so we also wanted to think of ways to give back.
1) One way is getting a T-shirt and dog bandana with donation (see this post here)
2) Another way is being entered into the raffle with donation (read the logistics portion below)
3) If you purchase 2 T-shirts, you will also get 1 raffle ticket! (indicate your specialized prize and T-shirt sizes in the comment box)

 “Specialized Prizes”
We were lucky enough to get some large ticket donations for the raffle. To increase the odds of everyone winning the prize they really want, each raffle ticket will be entered into 1 of the ‘specialized prizes’ drawings of choice, and both of the collar drawings.Since you can choose which special prize you would like to win, there are less people competing for each prize and the chances of winning are greater!
Specialized Prizes include: 

1) Brand New in the Box GoPro HD Hero 960 Helmet Camera
The GoPro works as a camera AND a video camera taking pictures from your pooch's eyeview. We've been using it to videotape Mr. B in this skateboarding video and his perspective from this SociaBulls walk. It is set up to take photos every 2,5,10,30 or 60 seconds, and would be a great way to 'spy' on your pooch and see what they are doing and seeing while they are home every day. Donated by Miss M & Mr. B

2) Brand New Ruffwear Approach Pack
A brand new Ruffwear Approach pack as modeled by Miss M. We love how this backpack not only helps us carry dog groceries and farmer’s market finds, but it can also be an amazing training tool, and a way to  tire your dog out on even the shortest walks. The winner of this drawing will indicate the specific size needed. Donated by anonymous NLOL donor

3) Brand New Ruffwear K-9 Overcoat
These are our go-to everyday coats for the winter that can accomodate our pooches' muscular chests while doubling as rain gear. They have an inner-fleece lining to keep the pooches warm, even through our crazy Chicago weather. Plus, they are so durable, Miss M has had hers for 5 years! Winner will indicate size needed. Donated by anonymous NLOL donor

4) Custom Knit Dog Sweater
We know how easily our dogs get cold during the winter, but with their big chests it's often so hard to find sweaters that will fit around them but not be too long. We love these custom knit sweaters which are made to fit perfectly with the measurements of our dogs, and the opportunity to choose our own colors and patterns. We especially love the large rugby stripes! These sweaters are modeled by foster dog Ginger and Chick. Donated by Our Waldo Bungie.

Each ticket will be entered into your prize of choice above, as well as being eligible for each of the collar prizes below:

Sirius Republic Collar
The winner will receive a collar of choice from Sirius Republic. We are especially addicted to the martingale collars which the pooches have coordinated for the seasons. Plus, we love that Sirius offers embroidery which can be personalized with the pooches' names, Adopt Me collars to advertise a single dog's eligible status, and she even makes amazing embroidery like this beyond amazing embroidered Super Levi collar.
The winner will receive a standard collar, or Adopt Me collar of choice.

Silly Buddy Bow Tie
A dog friend once commented there are so few dog accessories for male dogs, but then we discovered the fun of Silly Buddy. These bowties make even ordinary days extraordinary when your pooch looks extra dapper. Not wanting to be left out, the bow ties can be turned around to become 'bows' for the girl dogs, as modeled by Miss M.
 The winner will get their choice of standard or bow tie collar.

Doggie Care Package
Two winners will receive doggie care packages including jars of homemade dog biscuits complete with ribbon, recipe and and bone cookie-cutters. The biscuits are pumpkin-peanutbutter and cheddar-flavored and donated by cooking guru Trissi.

We really want to thank everyone who has donated to help Levi, and we are still amazed by everyone's generosity. Below are some of the technicalities. We want to make this a fair and positive experience for everyone, but if there is something we happen to have overlooked, please do let us know.
-Each $20 donation will count as one raffle ticket.
-Or, if you buy 2 T-shirts you will get one raffle ticket .
-You can make donations on the New Leash donation page to get a raffle ticket or T-shirt.Please indicate in the comments which “Specialized Prize” you would like to put your ticket in. (Dog Backpack, GoPro Camera, Coat or Sweater) or T-shirt size.
-If you donated previously and would like to add the raffle ticket, please email and indicate the prize you would like to win.
-All tickets will automatically be entered into both collar drawings in addition to your “Specialized Prize”. If you buy multiple tickets, you will be entered multiple times to increase your chances of winning.
-Collar prizes are chosen at random. Unfortunately, you cannot select which of the prizes within the collar category you would prefer.
-The raffle will be open until November 12.
-Winners will be chosen at random through an online random number generator that NLOL will coordinate.
-When winners are notified, we will coordinate the information and shipment of your prize.
You can purchase raffle tickets and T-shirts on the NLOL site by clicking here.
Again, we want to thank everyone for your amazing support and generosity. We are still humbled seeing the amount of people who have come together to support Levi to give him a chance for a future happy life.
Please continue to check our Facebook Page for updates.

Other Ways to Help:
1) Please, please spread the word and share on your Facebook page or blog.
2) Plus, we are also selling these Flying SuperLevi T-shirts and dog bandanas as we walk together, virtually and in person, to support Levi in finding his X-ray vision. You can find information on how to participate and buy the shirts is here.
Thank you again for all your support and for sharing Levi's story!


HoundDogMom said...

We may have to see how many green papers we can get Mom to donate. We thinks Winston needs that camera. This is a great thing you are doing for Levi, he is lucky to have a such a great foster family. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Road Dog Tales said...

Wicked awesome stuff!

PeeS - We sent you an email :)

The Road Dogs

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Levi is so lucky to have ended up with you guys! I know Super Levi is Skye's favorite super hero (the flirt), so she'd never forgive me if we didn't donate! Good luck!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We love the tee and we ate getting one
Benny & Lily

Kristine said...

Those are the cutest t-shirts I have ever seen! I must have one. Must. Shiva and I will definitely be getting out to have our own walk in Levi's name!

Kari in Alaska said...

I am sure the blog community will rally!

Stop on by for a visit

The Daily Pip said...

I just put up a post Super Levi!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

OH, boy! Oh, boy! Those are some Most Wonderful things. Now all I gotta do is borrow my mom's plastic card and do a little shoppin' this weekend! I can't wait!

Wiggles & Wags,

houndstooth said...

You've got some awesome stuff in that raffle! I'll have to see how much I can shake out of the piggy bank after bills get paid.

I love Levi's collar, too!

The Daily Pip said...

A couple people asked how to just make a donation - they are not interested in winning any of the prizes. Do they just make it through New Leash on Life? Do they need to specify that it is for Levi?

Anonymous said...

Super Levi sure found the most super foster family! We'll be back next week to donate :)

Waggin at ya,

Two Pitties in the City said...

Yes, they can just make donations on the New Leash on Life site and you can comment in the box that it's for Levi.
Thanks so much!

Mary said...

I'm just catching up and am so sorry to hear about Levi's condition. I am confident that your awesome network of blog friends will raise the funds for his surgery. Who can resist his sweet face and amazing costume? I just left you a note on your FB page to clarify something, but we are sending lots of good thoughts to your Levi.

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