Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pooches: Halloween Socialites

Traditional trick-or-treating is rare where we live, but there are always plenty of parties and people roaming the streets in full costume. Since we love to dress up our pooches to make them more approachable and meet more people, we took full opportunity to take the pooches out on the streets of Chicago in complete costume. Check out this video, and soundtrack, to see reactions to the pooches strutting down the streets of Lincoln Square in full costume amid all crazy city Halloween activities. Though Mr. B takes character study very seriously and waddles like a turtle. (Miss M had the pleasure of being walked by special visitor Emily from Our Waldo Bungie)

The pooches took full advantage of the holiday becoming socialites at a Friends of ACC fundraiser, dressing in full gear for our SociaBulls walk, SuperLevi became a superstar at his Halloween-themed adoption event, and we took our daily walk to the streets of Wicker Park. Mr. B had a costume change ala Lady Gaga dressing up as a Chicago Bear:
Levi proudly wore his SuperLevi costume:
 The pooches posed as their characters:
And were quite the hit as three pitties in the city in costume:
 What are some other fun things pooches did for Halloween?
PS. We are still raising funds for foster dog SuperLevi's surgery to save his (super)vision.
If you are interested in ordering a flying SuperLevi shirt and dog bandana to participate in the virtual walk, or walk in Chicago, please order soon as quantities are limited.
Plus, since we have the shirt and raffle options, the chances of winning your prize of choice in the raffle is very, very good. We are raffling off some of our brand new favorite things: Ruffwear Backpack, Ruffwear coat, custom dog sweater (2 winners), Sirius Republic collar, Silly Buddy collar or bowtie, Doggie gift basket, and a brand new in the box GoPro camera/ video camera just like Mr. B wears.
Donations can be made securely through this link here:
Please indicate "For Levi" with the donation button and let us know your shirt size or desired raffle prize.
We will be collecting donations through November 12.
Thanks everyone for your support and generosity!


Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

I feel like Im looking at your blog in a whole new light now that I know Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this sure was one happy-making postie! How could anybuddy NOt smile looking at all their cuteness? I think my mom is gonna have to have my fairy-princess skirt shortened to be more like Miss M's too-too cuz I kept stepping on it when I walked.

Oh, and that picture of Mr. B smiling at E made my heart melt into a puddle.

Wiggles & Wags,

Darwin said...
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Darwin said...

So much fun in the city of Chicago.. This is kind of a trek for you guys, my mom attended the Chicago Botanical Gardens Spooky Pooch Parade this year - (just realized my parents are in the background in the first photo, LOL!)

On the East Coast we attended several pug parties, lots of fun and love how the owners are so festive and creative!

goosie mama said...

Amazing - LOVE the turtle costume!!

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure walking Miss M! She walks so nicely on her leash! Also, that last photo of E & Mr. B is adorable!

Corbin said...

Ohhhhhh These are great pictures and everyone looks wonderful in their costumes! I love that last picture :o)
I put my raffle in so I can be like Mr. B!!!!! I've got all my paws crossed that you raise all the money you need!

Tucker The Crestie said...

Love the videos! (And yay, the link finally worked!)

Kate said...

Love the video and soundtrack. That photo of Mr. B with E at the end though steals the show :)

p.s. I really like Emily's boots! That girl has style!

Patty said...

love their costumes and the videos!

Road Dog Tales said...

Great pics and videos! You all look fantastic! Gotta say, we're loving Mr. B's Cub ears!!!

PeeS - Maybe Miss M saw Deliverance (re fiddle)? BOL!

The Road Dogs

Maggie said...

So fun!! It looks like you guys had a blast, and I just love the costumes!

brooke said...

so cute! if I saw them walking down the street I'd be squealing!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Cuteness overload
Benny & Lily

A Wonderful Dogs Life said...

You three really know to bring out the smiles. I think every person passing did a double take with a huge smile on their face. That's so cool. Hope you got lots of doggie treats.


houndstooth said...

I loved the video! Mr. B and Miss M definitely know how to work the crowd. I'm surprised they didn't get mobbed as they were walking along, partly because it often happens to us.

Our pups visited the nursing home in costume, but wore Halloween collars to greet the kids who came to the door. Bunny is convinced that they all came by to pet her!

You asked about the camera in the pictures today, and the answer is, I don't know what kind of pictures it would take. It's an old Tourist Camera by Kodak. Hubby inherited it from his grandfather, along with a few other antique cameras, but I don't think he's ever used it. Now it's so hard to get film and I don't know if it still works. It may remain a mystery!

Unknown said...

So adorable. I love Mr. B's frog costume it just kills me! How are things going for Levi's surgery? Sending good vibes your way :)

Anonymous said...

Well Mom and I smiled so much watching the video our faces hurt now :D

So fun to see all the peeps get happy as soon as y'all walk by! What fun! :)

Luv the froggy, bear, tutu and superLevi costumes. Just too much fun :D

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Waggin at ya,

Thanks for coming by to wish me a Happy Day! We raised over $50 for my shelter :D Went by and put a donation in for Levi this morning. Forgot to specify raffle and prize butt sent Kelsey an email so that should suffice :)

Sagira said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Loved watching the video and seeing all the cute costumes. You guys sure look cute. :)

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