Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SociaBulls: Downtown Dogs

Last weekend's SociaBulls walk brought us to a new downtown location complete with special local Chicago celebrity. This handsome bomber-jacket wearing fellow is Dillion the Deaf "Snoots" dog. And he is adoptable!
Just like "The Fonz", Dillion is a laid back guy who is great with the ladies. Even though this was his first walk, in a new location with a lot of unfamiliar dogs, Dillion was very relaxed, fine being among so many other dogs, and he integrated right into the pack.
Dillion is still looking for his forever family. Being a pitbull-type dog, who is also deaf, poor Dillion has been continually overlooked which is so unfortunate because we've seen how amazing he is. He has been waiting so patiently to find his own family. He has his own facebook page here where you can read more about him and help spread the word.
 This was one of our biggest walks yet, complete with downtown Chicago monuments, lakefront views, sculpture gardens, where many a tourist enjoyed seeing our 'parade' of well-dressed Chicago pooches.
Since we are walking in so many densely populated areas, we do need to make sure to limit the number of dogs on our walks and be aware of other walkers, bikers and runners in the area. We also have so many dogs of different socialization levels and having this structure helps set them up for success.
We've had so many amazing members step up to help coordinate walking routes, scheduling events, new member integration, organizing pack order, and helping as a dogless person. This coming week we will now be having walks on both Saturday and Sunday!
We were finally able to attempt a whole-group photo, which is very 'Where's Waldoish'. Can you spot Miss M and Mr B?
Current members, check the website for walk sign up information. New members, stay tuned as we are continuing to integrate everyone. And check our Chicago SociaBulls facebook page for more photos, including more photos of the gorgeous city views we saw on this walk.


goosie mama said...

Dillon is gorgeous!! I hope he finds a home soon - he seems like a big old sweetie face!

I can not believe that picture of all the pups! Amazing!! You should be so proud of yourselves! :)

kasia077 said...

Love the group shot!

Jaime said...

What a good lookin' group! I'll have to try to get a group shot on our walk Sunday!

Jen said...

What a lot of great pictures! And so many different styles of dog jacket as well, how funny.

It's a shame that Dillon is overlooked just because of his deafness. I'm sure there are home trainers who would love the difference and challenge of working with a deaf dog! He's handsome enough to woo somebody.

Emily said...

I don't know how many times I can just say how jealous I am on these posts. What a great thing you have all done!

Two Kitties One Pittie said...

Dillion was so amazingly good on the walk. He's a very handsome boy. And I love the group photo!!!

Millie and Walter said...

I love the group shot, but without being able to make the picture bigger I couldn't find Miss M and Mr. B in that crowd.


Twin Cities Pack Walk said...

Dillon is beautiful! What a great blog. We are looking at options for integrating more members and are looking into adding a second walk as well. I will be thrilled to see how it goes with your group and would love any tips you may have to share.

Love the group shot as well! What a great looking pack :)

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