Monday, October 22, 2012

SociaBulls: On Seasonal Location Changes

As you may notice all the pooches' gear changing along with the seasons...
We also change our group walking locations seasonally.
During the summer a lot of the trails fill up with runners and bikers making spaces small and unsafe. We have been finding locations that are a bit more isolated so the pooches all have plenty of space and there isn't a chance a biker or runner might run towards them.
Though after the marathon there are fewer runners and races on the trails, and we can move our walks back to some of these locations. Though we are really enjoying how the locations do look different with the varying seasons.
To learn more about our group, join our Chicago SociaBulls Facebook page for more photos and updates. And check out the Hikabulls page where we first learned about the benefits of group walking.

You can also read about all the different types of dogs who walk with our group and why they walk: Honor (The Gift of Learning to Relax), Maria (Not Letting Age be a Limitation)Sophie (Finding a Safe Place and Building Confidence), Torre (From Learning about Pitbulls to Developing an Ambassadog),  Estelle (Waiting to Be Noticed)Franklin (A Small Dog in a Big Dog Group)Gordon (Learning to Be Social and Have Dog Friends),  Nabi (A Shy Dog Making Sense of a "People World") Sprocket (Teaching a Dog When it's not Time to Play), Lola (Living in the City with a Dog who Fears Strangers),  Zoe (The Dog who "Loves Too Hard"),  Izzy (Being a good pitbull ambassador while working with an energetic dog) and Maize (Being social with an unsocial pup).

Molly Mutt Crate Cover Winner: We loved reading the comments and hearing all the positive ways pooches and their families use crate training. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Nola Kisses and Taylor G and Mugsy for being the randomly selected winners for the Molly Mutt Crate Cover giveaway! Please email me your contact information, using the link on the sidebar.


How Sam Sees It said...

I love the leg warmers!


Rebelwerewolf said...

Miss M looks adorable, like she should be picking apples and heading to granny's house.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We like your Burberry scarf
Benny & Lily

Trissi_V said...

I love those neck warmers on Mr. B and Miss M. Where did you get them?

Lindsay said...

Love your SociaBulls updates. In Fargo, we definitely have to change up where we walk depending on the seasons. For one, many of the trails are not plowed in the winter.

Cute outfits on the dogs as usual! :)

Two Pitties in the City said...

The pooches are debuting their new Sirius Republic neck warmers

We love how they look very college chic!

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