Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dog Gear: Dog Halloween Costumes for Dogs Who Hate Costumes

It wasn't until I moved to Chicago that I realized the TV shows were true; there really are places where nearly every single person (and dog!) will walk around decked out in Halloween gear like it's perfectly normal. Though a lot of people have been lamenting that they feel left out because their dogs aren't comfortable wearing clothes. Here are some things we thought of for pups who aren't comfortable in costumes:

We have found our bowtie collars appropriate for so many occasions, and we've even worked them into several of our costume ideas: here , here, and here. We have gotten our bow tie collars from Silly Buddy and Sirius Republic and we wrote more about them here.

Festive Bandanas
Modeled by adorable Adoptable Count Chocula 
We love how bandanas are an easy, inexpensive way to make pups festive. We found some Halloween-themed fabric (little black cats!) and just cut it to make a quick costume for The Count as he looks for his very own home. 

Regular Dog Gear worn Creatively
A lot of dog coats, backpacks and doggles(!) are created specifically for dogs with their comfort in mind, and these could make good creative costumes. A pup in a backpack could become a hiking adventurer, this hoodie could become Adam Sandler's Red-Hooded Sweatshirt, and Miss M could be a ski-bunny in her puffy coat. Not to imagine all the ideas you can do with these (Tom Cruise?).

Is your pup comfortable with costumes? Are they dressing up for Halloween?
This is what we will be doing for Halloween along with former foster Bessie Belle (Chicago people, you should join us!)
How to make your pup comfortable in a costume
Costume ideas for large dogs


Taylor G said...

When we put clothes/costumes on Mugsy he freezes up and looks at us with his "Are you guys serious?" face. He eventually warms up and is fine after a few minutes. He doesn't particularly like things on his head, so we try to avoid.

I wish we were going to be around this weekend to see you all at the Ruff Haus parade. I'm sure there will be many pictures tho!!!

kasia077 said...

Max has this pair of bat wings I got at Kriser's:

They go on like a harness and they are super light, so he doesn't even realize he's wearing anything. They bounce as he walks so it looks like he's about to take off flying. I match them with a black collar and voila! Bat-Max!

Rebelwerewolf said...

Badger's wearing his costume to training class tonight, in preparation for wearing his costume on Saturday's bully walk!

How Sam Sees It said...

Our Monty won't wear costumes, but Sam loves the attention that comes with wearing one.


Anonymous said...

My dogs hate to wear costumes but bandanas are OK. I'm looking into bow ties next!

Sara @ LiteraryLima said...

Yes! Roxy will be a pink hippo and Cash will be a garden gnome (cue the fake beard). Both are extremely displeased-yet-willing participants.

Two French Bulldogs said...

we know you are ready to dress up
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Wonderful dog halloween costumes. I was browsing and hope I could add some to my pinterest board dog halloween costumes. Hope it's okay with you. :) Keep up the good writing too!

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