Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily Walk: When You Pay a Premium

Chicago is definitely a walking city. When I first moved to the city I would spend hours just walking and exploring everything on foot. Though now that we have the pups, I often feel a bit incomplete without a leash around my arm and a dog at my side.  
When I first adopted Miss M, all we would do is around and explore.
We have also realized that we do pay a premium to live in the city, and a lot of people spend a lot of money just to visit and do what we can do every day, so we make the best of it.
Sure we don't have a backyard, we make the city our backyard .
Since we happened to be in Hyde Park with our pups, we thought we would spend some extra time exploring at University of Chicago:
College tours are quite the rage at our schools right now, and Mr. B wanted to try out his own. 
And since we do have to take the pooches out for walks, it was fun to spend an early morning checking out all of architecture, history...and just resting.
 How do you and your pooches take advantage of what your city has to offer?

Dog Tourist
Making our Dog Walks like a Vacation


Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

I love that photo of him looking at the map!

When I lived downtown (and Tess & I were bachelorettes ourselves!) we did alot of walking and exploring. While Erie isn't as big as Chicago, there still is lots to see. We love going to the bigger parks and walking through the woods (aka tying not to get lost!) and along the peninsula.

This summer, we would really like to take better advantage of the city and do MORE!

Unknown said...

What do you mean when you say you pay a premium to live in Chicago

Kate said...

Aw! Mr. B looks like he's ready for class!

Two Pitties in the City said...

@Debie Ruth: We just mean that everything is a bit more expensive living in Chicago. From haircuts to gas to grocery items to housing (and knowing we could have a real house instead of just a 2-bedroom for the same price if we lived in another area). Of course, this is all offset by everything we get to enjoy about the city: the huge historical parks, the architecture, free concerts, neighborhood festivals, etc. Though sometimes we get a little too comfortable in our routine, we like to remember to really go out and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Allie said...

Nigel and I just went to the art museum two weeks ago and that was quite awesome (who knew there was a special doggie path there!?). We also love to take the poochess (well, really only Nigel right now) to restaurants since everywhere in LA is pooch friendly!!

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