Friday, July 12, 2013

Pooches: Social Lessons from Miss M

We know most of our photos and stories about Miss M show her a bit like this. Though when we were talking to our friend Kim she said we really need to show more about the true nature of Miss M:
Miss M as the outgoing social butterfly who absolutely loves people.
Despite what our photographs capture, Miss M is the most outgoing member of our family. She spends every moment possible trying to meet new people.
It's really Mr. B who does not seem to understand social cues. People will excitedly run up to meet him and he will often seem disinterested, walk away, or give better eye contact to a pizza box.
While A and I are both shy people, we have been observing and picking up some tips from Miss M our very own social butterfly:
Always meet strangers as if they are your long lost best friend: Whenever anyone wants to meet her, Miss M's lips will curl in preparation for a kiss, her hips will wiggle with excitement and she will rush toward the person. She meets everyone as if they are best friends she have been waiting to meet her whole life.
Be completely engaged in whatever the stranger is saying or doing: Once she has met her 'new' best friend, she is completely engaged in whatever the person is saying or doing. It is almost impossible to continue our walk, because this 'new' best friend has become the most interesting person in the world.
Accept compliments with sincerity: More often than not, the 'new' best friends will compliment her beauty, personality, softness of her fur, etc. and you can just see Miss M graciously accepting the compliment and saying, "I know".
Don't get discouraged if people do not say hi back: Sometimes, Miss M will try to meet people that somehow have not fallen under her charm and rather than getting upset, she will move onto to the next stranger until someone becomes her 'new' best friend.
Don't be self-conscious and just say hi: Possibly the best lesson, is that she is eager to say hi to everyone. She is unabashed and loves meeting new people and the only way to meet new people is to say hi to a complete stranger.
I guess we are lucky to have Miss M to teach us so much. 
Is anyone else getting social lessons from your pup?

If you don't believe us, see it in action at 1:07 of this video. (Can you believe they have never met before?) And the bottom video here. 
So we always need to remember things like this.


Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Maybe someday I will be Miss M's new best friend!

This scenario sounds just like our two: Tess, while she loves people, doesn't always show her interest very well. Edi,on the other hand, would LOVE to meet everyone - he just hasn't figured out how to do it appropriately...but we're working on it. Maybe someday he'll be a regular "Miss M!"

Maggie said...

This line: She meets everyone as if they are best friends she have been waiting to meet her whole life. LOVE! That's exactly how Emmett is. I'm super shy, too, but having him out and about has helped me come out of my shell, so to speak, because he just reels people in!

Anonymous said...

I love that Miss M. knows how awesome she is!!! Work it girl! And, I can't blame Mr. B., that pizza box looks quite charming.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

I love this post. I'm used to seeing Miss M's frowny face but these pictures capture what a happy girl she is! I don't think I realized she was that gregarious :) It's wonderful to have a dog you know you can introduce to anyone!

My Two Pitties said...

So sweet! Norman is the same way as Miss M:) My dogs have taught me a lot about forgiveness. If you accidentally step on their foot or scold them for doing something wrong they want to turn around and lick you. And they have been lashed out at by so many dogs but they are always ready to be their friend if they change their mind:)

OG said...

This is such a great post! Our doggies can truly be our teachers. A few years ago I had a VERY difficult boss. I decided to act like Petey. Every time my boss walked into the room I acted thrilled. I was thrilled when I saw her in the hall. If I had had a tail I would have wagged it. It didn't take long to my boss to warm up from evil ice queen to fairly decent human being. Thanks to Petey!

Anonymous said...

Miss M is just the cutest and it's cool that you've learned from her. We learned to be more open with Boomer and Dottie because they love everyone, especially kids!

Chantelle said...

This is such a great summary of what I've learned from my rescued pittie, too! He reminds me of Bob from What About Bob ;)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ms M are you related to me??
Lily (& Benny)

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