Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Things to do in Chicago with Dogs: Chicago's Annual Gay Pride Parade 2013

It's always important for us to support ideas of equality, and our highlight of the summer is attending Chicago's Annual Gay Pride Parade. We love seeing so much of the community banding together, and this year was one of the largest; an estimated 1 million people took to the streets of Lakeview to celebrate.
 People celebrate from rooftops, balconies and the street complete with outrageous costumes, feathers and beads. The parade draws local celebrities like Bozo the Clown and Mayor Emanuel (who actually walked by and awkwardly forced us to shake his hand). Plus all the floats complete with dancers and thumping music. And of course, the dancing cowboys. That's where Mr. B gets his costume inspiration.
We were joined by our pitbull friends: Aggie and Phil (fellow NLOL alumni!). So many people loved seeing the four of them sitting so nicely in a row. Plus, a couple of human friends we ran into.
The pooches' favorite part was when people jumped out of the parade to come meet them.
How do you think the pooches scored all those beads? Their secret is revealed below:
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where Mr. B shares the video he took from his camera.
Did anyone else go to Pride Events in Chicago or your city?

This also happened
Deja Vu.  And live!
Keeping it safe.


Debra@Peaceabull said...

I actually got a text from the volunteer coordinator at the shelter who asked if Asia and I would be interested in attending our Pride event at the end of the month with him and some shelter pooches. He said he asked us because he wanted some fun and open minded people. What a huge honor. We will be sure to post pics as well!

Anonymous said...

This is so friggen cool that I may implode with jealousy! So. Very. Awesome!!!! The dogs look amazing, as always!

sweetemaline said...

Look at Mr. B and that little kiddo! Someday I'd like to go up to Chicago pride and hang out with the two cutest dogs in the joint!

Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

My Two Pitties said...

Looks like an awesome time! I took Kaya & Norman to SF Pride for the first time and it was amazing, we had so much fun! I am hopefully going to put our pictures up soon!

Two French Bulldogs said...

That is a big day and one festive parade
Benny & Lily

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