Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Spy on Your Dogs when You're Not Home

We have always been curious about what our pups do when we're not home.
While Miss M is being sneaky and fulfilling her dream of sleeping on the bed.
Usually we never know because our pups are careful to cover their tracks, running back to their beds and pretending they've been there the whole time.
Most of the time we come home to 2 sleepy pups with everything in order.
But, there has been times when we mysteriously came home to things like this:
Or even this:
And we can only wonder what really happened.
After several failed attempts of trying to sneak into our own home and catch them in the act, we found an easier (and inexpensive!) option.
We purchased the iCam for our phones (only $4.99 for our phones!) and downloaded the iCamSource software from their site. 
We set up multiple cameras in different rooms using the webcams on our computers, and we are now able to monitor and record pooches when we are away. 
Our cameras caught this footage of Miss M eating her kong:
(Doesn't it look like Miss M is on to us and looking right at the camera??)
And while we were expecting to see some other crazy hijinks, most of the footage looked like this:
From our spying we have learned: Mr. B will pick one bed and sleep in it. Miss M will pick a bed, change positions several times, then creep into Mr. B's bed and use him as her trusty pillow.
We have yet to catch any of the crazy hijinks we were anticipating, but there tends to be some excitement when we're coming home:
Is there anyone else out there with doggycams? Or is it something you have thought about?


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Debra@Peaceabull said...

I would love to have one, but I could see it become an obsession. I'm waiting for picks of said hijinks and pics of the pooches tidying up before you get home. :-)

Unknown said...

Such a good idea! We have been struggling with the decisions to leave Sarge and Nola out together instead of in separate rooms. This might be a good way to test with short periods of time!

How Sam Sees It said...

I've got them and love them. We did it for safety reasons - a friend of ours lost his dog in fire. We like to check on the pups during the day and make sure that things are okay.

Monty and Harlow

m @ random musings said...

I'm convinced my pooch's daytime routine is: sleep 4 hrs, lunch break/potty/walk with mommy, sleep 4 hrs, lol. fyi, try setting the gif to loop to avoid the need for refreshing - I can't scroll to the page bottom before pups exit stage right :-)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. We've joked about getting a nanny cam for the boys.

Sara E. Martin said...

What a great idea! I'm going to try this with my two.

Millie and Walter said...

I've used Skype to spy on our dogs when we leave. I set up my laptop to be plugged in and never shut down and point the camera where it will get a good view of the action. You make sure you have Skype set up to answer automatically and I make sure the sound is muted. I take my Kindle with me and "call" my laptop with a second Skype account. Works great!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my word! Do you hear they are spying on you two!

Laura said...

How fun, and reassuring, to see what the pups are up to while you are not home! Several years back, we set up a camera on the tripod to see what our lab Sadie did while we were away. She mostly slept, but we did catch her getting on the sofa, then getting down from it as she heard us come in the door.

JustaGirl said...

haha I so need to try this :)

Rachel said...

hahahaha I love this post. Your camera is such a great idea! And it definitely looks like Ms. M is staring right at the hidden camera in the last frame after she eats her kong - smart puppy that one :-)
And I love how they run to their beds when they hear you come home. What a cute post and great idea about the camera :-)

Melanie said...

My family did this once. It was pretty boring. All they did was sleep. Which is kind of all they do when we're home too. Haha.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

That is so awesome! I thought about doing it a long time ago to find out who was eating the cat food but then I caught Norman in the act and that settled it. I'd love to do it still just for fun:)

psukinkoty said...

Great idea. I would love to know what my pets are doing when I'm not at home. We separate our cat from dog but maybe it is not necessary.

Kiira said...

I totally need to do this. Thanks for doing the research and sharing!

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