Friday, January 31, 2014

Pooches: On Miss M's "Judgmental Resting Face"

I'm always joking that my dog gives me low self-esteem. Every time I turn around, I always see her staring back at me a bit like this:
But then I started reading a bit about this urban phenomena. 
Apparently, she is among a misunderstood group whose resting face naturally falls into an unpleasant, judgmental expression. 
Maybe we're unfairly seeing her natural face as judgmental:
When she might actually be quite happy and optimistic inside:
Does anyone else know a pup with judgmental resting face?

But we will always think this.  And that this is really going on.
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Unknown said...

Yes! My Charlotte always looks very accusatory. .. she is great at the guilt trip!

Lisa said...

My benevolent dictator, Leroy, is very good at this expression.

Irina said...

Just yesterday I referred to my dog's look at us as "Lenin looking as the bourgeois"
Not sure if the reference is clear enough for anyone besides the Russians, who grew up in a Communist USSR)

Then again, I suffer from the Judgmental Resting Face myself, so it's still to be decided, if I got it from my dog, or he got it from me.

Second City Pet Care said...

I see many dogs with very worried expressions. They are often dismissed as just another neurotic. The faces of judgement are by far more effective and hilarious to me.

@Irina, the bourgeois comment is the best laugh I have had in days.

Benevolent dictator is the best description I have heard of life with a dog.

Jena Mae said...

Yes!! My pittie, Meika, has the same resting face. We call her grumpy dog. She is ALWAYS unhappy with us. :)

Anonymous said...

Melvin always looks downtrodden and sullen, despite having such a good life!

Lauren said...

Yes, Kamana has a look. He has a very good life, but when he's not doing much, he either looks sad or skeptical.

Anonymous said...

It's OK Miss M, Dottie is told all the time that she looks like she's sneaky or unimpressed with the world. But, honestly I don't see it!

My Dog Barry said...

Love your blog! Found you on Friday and I'm so glad. I'm a new dog owner and we also live in Chicago. You have a lot of helpful info here. Thanks!

Trissi_V said...

Both my dogs are blessed not to have "judgemental resting face"...their owners are not as blessed. I am just glad it has a name now.

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