Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Things To Do With Dogs in Chicago: Night Walks

While Chicago is a city filled with people walking dogs, we have noticed that after a certain time they seem to vanish.
The streets are free from pooches.
Almost as if they have a curfew.
Though we really think nighttime is one of the best times to walk around. 
There is space on the normally busy sidewalks.
The city becomes surprisingly peaceful.
And you can enjoy the lights of the city.
Though sometimes you might need to watch out for drunken people trying to squeeze Miss M's jowls. Or toss a sombrero on Mr. B's head.
Anyone else out there taking evening strolls with your pups?



Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

We love walking at night, but unfortunately, our area doesn't have city lights and we have too many skunks roaming about!

Alden said...

We do the same thing! Mostly because it's cooler out and to avoid cars and people. Walks are definitely much more relaxing then.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Night walks sound like fun! If I was a city dweller I would definitely love to go on night walks in the summer. At my old apartment, I used to frequent the nearby dog park after hours, I loved having the place to myself:)

Wandering_Weaver said...

I wish we could walk at night! Turns out my pup is terrified of the dark. She jumps at every little noise growls at people passing by and is just generally miserable.

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