Thursday, June 12, 2014

Things to Do in Chicago with Dogs: Chicago Street Festivals

We are always looking for fun, inexpensive things we can all do together as a family, so we love that every weekend Chicago is closing their major streets to let the rest of us walk around, eat cheese curds, and grab a beer (or an empty water bowl).
The pups love these festivals give them the chance to get petted, though it can get very crowded and drunken. 
Earlier we wrote this guide about what to know to prepare your pup for a street festival. Here are some other things we discovered:
Prepare for Dirt and Dust:
It always seems very enticing to spend some time sitting on the curb eating or letting the pups meet people. What we often forget is that these are major streets in Chicago where thousands of cars drive each day. We try to bring a blanket for the pups to lay on, or we're just prepared for some very dirty, dusty pups.

You Just Might See Animals Cuter than Miss M
We see a lot of dogs at the festivals, and there always seems to be a Great Dane or two that draws a crowd. We've also seen the guy who walks around with the parrot on his shoulder.
Though this is the first time we've ever seen a pig. And not only a pig, but a pig being pushed in a stroller. I think even Miss M was impressed.
Dog Ice-Cream
It also seems that many of the street festivals we've gone to have dog ice-cream. At Do-Division one of the pet stores makes their own ice-cream. We also know Fido-to-Go, the dog food truck, stops at many of the events. And of course, the pups always know when it's around.
Anyone else taking your pups out to the festivals?

To Help Us Prepare
We think Mr. B is looking forward to this again

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KS said...

Can't believe I missed that you have a dog food truck - how cool! Thanks also for the reminder that I need to pick up some pup-sicles to celebrate our foster's adoption this weekend :)

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

So fun! And so jealous! Erie has a good number of festivals during the summer, but unfortunately Erie is so dog UN-friendly, that most of them don't allow dogs!

OG said...

We spend minimal time at street festivals in NYC because there is so much food garbage on the street (to Petey's delight but not mine)
Plus they are all the same, plants, discount socks, discount phone accessories and NO DOG ICE CREAM. Chicago is very cool!

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