Friday, July 25, 2014

Pooches: On Miss M vs. The Lawn

When I first wanted to adopt a dog, I had this idea we would spend a lot of time hanging out together in the (human) park.
I would bring a blanket. We would sit together as I read a book.
I would even use her as a pillow.
Though we all know how different the life we envision with our dogs can be.
Because out of all of the strange things I've discovered about Miss M, she absolutely hates sitting in parks. And she seems to really hate lawns.
I used to think it was just a fluke. 
Like that time we went to listen to a concert in the park and she got so frustrated she started trying to grab her own leash and simultaneously eat my picnic blanket. 
So I had to tackle her. 
And I was laying on top of my kicking dog just as a new co-worker was walking by (and recognized me).
Or maybe how every time we tried to sit in the park for an extended amount of time it ended this way.
I realized one way to work around this was to get an extra-large picnic blanket. If she didn't realize the lawn was there, she could actually enjoy sitting in the park:
Until she realized she was actually sitting on the lawn.
At which point, she tries to eat it.
Note the lawn coming out of Miss M's mouth ala Huck Finn
Now that we have our own lawn, Miss M has gone beyond just grazing and she is actually biting chunks out of the lawn and eating dirt.

Are there other dogs out there who hate the lawn? Or is this just another case of Miss M being Miss M?

So it's not just this?
Our favorite picnic blankets
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Unknown said...

Maybe it just irritates her belly? Just a wild guess, but one of my pit bulls has very little hair on her belly, and is so sensitive to grass that in the summer she gets rashes from it. On the other hand, she doesn't attack the grass to retaliate!

Debra@Peaceabull said...

Ray loves the grass and on our walks can give the neighbors a huge compliment by choosing only the lushest, greenest lawns and wallowing on his back like a big, snorting pig.

OG said...

LOVE the pictures of Miss M looking very petulant!
Petey does the grab the leash maneuver when he's 1) upset if we take a short cut in the park 2) very excited about something 3) not getting enough attention. But he's all for sitting on a blanket. Especially if there are new people on it to pet him.
He does eat grass, but not dirt

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Our dogs are big grass eaters, although they haven't gone much further than that. Tess does love to role on her back in good grass.

My Dog Barry said...

Barry rolls around in the grass over and over and over and all the while chomping the grass as he rolls from one side to the other. By the time he's done his white parts are all green. Needless to say, he loves lawns, though we don't have one of our own either.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Silly girl! The lawn in our yard sucks. It's more like wispy grass strands coming out of the hard dirt. When Kaya & Norman come across a really lawn, they love it! Their favorite thing is to roll around and wiggle a bunch. Oddly, they like to eat green grass on hikes but not trimmed lawn grass. Go figure.

How Sam Sees It said...

Sam wasn't fond of sitting on the ground. He was okay if it was tiled or carpet but if we were out and about he would sit on my shoes. If I was sitting on the ground he would come and sit in my lap.

Monty and Harlow

liliana876 said...

Argus used to bite the grass when he'd chew on sticks. Now Alli, when she is chewing on sticks gets a little crazy by biting the grass hard and low enough she rips it out with roots and a bunch of dirt.

Argus, Shelby, and Tommy all love to sunbathe...Alli just a little. Sasha never liked being outside unless she went out to do her business, we were playing with, or we were out on walks/hikes :)

Melanie said...

Henry loves to eat grass, but he seems to prefer a certain type. The tall, skinny stalks of luscious green grass are his favorite and he eats it with enthusiasm. Sometimes he throws it up later. Dogs.

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