Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pooches: On Dog Beds for Older Dogs

One thing we're constantly obsessed with is finding dog bed options for the pups.
While it used to be about finding a bed they wouldn't chew up, they couldn't pee through, and didn't make us feel like we're living in an aisle of Petsmart, now that our dogs are getting older, we're thinking we need to get a bed with more secure support.
We've been using this Molly Mutt stuff sack which we've always liked because it's easy to wash and has a somewhat waterproof lining, but since we stuff it ourselves I don't think it's that comfortable for aging bones. We also had some memory foam beds from Target, but after 5 years they just don't seem very comfortable anymore.
And while these rugs
and these floor pillows
were nice for our small space and open floor plan, we would like to get something with more support and perhaps some type of built in pillow. 
We feel okay about making an investment in a more supportive bed to keep them comfortable as they age, and we would love to hear your advice.
E has been looking at this plush Orvis bed and I was curious about the Nest or Napper from Jax and Bones.

Has anyone tried these beds? What is everyone else using?
And does anyone have recommendations about supportive dog beds to keep dogs comfortable as they age?

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Slomack said...

Our girl never had a dog bed, as she viewed OUR king size bed, queen size futon and regular sized couch as fair game...ha!

But as she aged, we noticed she was sleeping more and more on the floor (rather than the rug). Our vet mentioned that often for older dogs, firmer surfaces are better for their arthritis, and after observing her for a couple of months, that certainly seems to be true. Her (relatively new) dog bed is a memory foam bed from Petsmart...uncomfortable for me, but she lays in it happily for a couple of hours each day, before moving on to the rug, and then on to the hardwood floor.

Interestingly, we use an aerobed as a guest bed. In her younger days, she would only get on it at any point. Now, she will only get on it if it woefully under inflated--such that I could not sleep on it because all you can feel is the hard floor beneath it.

Unknown said...

We have the same problem. Two of our dogs sleep on our bed. Although we have dog beds on the floor. One is from Foster and Smith. The Ultimate Classic dog bed. She likes it but will also move to the floor during the night. I also have a orthopedic bed from a department store, made by American kennel club. I have looked at the one from Orvis as well but they are a bit pricey.

LaVonne said...

Check out Big Barker. They have memory foam type beds with head rests.

lperry12 said...

LLBean has some great orthopedic dog beds too! They are definitely pricy, but they are very well made!

Unknown said...

We switched to a memory foam bed as our girl Ginger aged... Great for support, her arthritis improved, but very hard to keep clean after "accidents". The foam acts like a sponge! So, I suggest a memory foam with a waterproof cover, if there is such a thing!

Rebecca said...

I notice that the beds from Jax and Bones are made in the US. When I am looking for products, I try to find those that are made in the US. I always choose the one made in the US if the quality and price are comparable. In making that choice, I am supporting companies that employ American workers, and I feel that the chance of exposure to harmful chemicals is less.

Ellie said...

LL Bean couch beds are definitely something to look in to!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We haven't tried those beds but heard they were pretty good. We love your idea of making the beds look like a part of the decor and not a pet store
Lily & Edward

kathrynannew said...

We got on Orvis Deep Dish ToughChew bed for our girl about 4 years ago. It was definitely an investment, but it has really paid off. She managed to chew through the first one, so we contacted Orvis and they sent us a new (and better) bed that retailed for more than her old bed for free. She loves her bed- it's sort of shaped like a doggy sofa and she likes to lean against the sides. Orvis in general has great products, and I would definitely recommend this dog bed!

Emily said...

Drs Foster Smith has an assortment of orthopedic beds:

Rosa sleeps with me, but she's 8.5 and I think a set of steps will be necessary soon. Though sometimes I think she just wants me to pick her up and put her on the bed because she's lazy.

Christine said...

I just went through this with Willie, who is now 8-9 years old. I was debating between the Orvis Deep Dish memory foam bed and the LL Bean Therapeutic Dog Couch and ended up choosing the LL Bean. Very happy with it so far. It's durable, well made, super supportive, and he seems to love it. When I compared the two, the main difference seemed to be that the Orvis had a waterproof cover on the mattress that goes on under the outer cover, and the LL Bean did not. Since Willie doesn't have any potty issues, that didn't matter much to me. I subscribed to LL Bean's email newsletter and also their print catalog before purchasing, and through one of those, was able to get a 20% coupon, which helped with the hefty price tag.

Jenn said...

You could stuff your molly beds with a pad of that ortho foam.

liliana876 said...

Now that Argus is 13.5 years old and has bad arthritis, a low bed is best. He would love the ones you both are looking at, but he would have difficulty getting on and off either bed.

When we still had Sasha, she'd hop on any bed (or sofa :)), but towards the end, the best were memory foam beds. There was one from Petco that she particularly liked. Its just a rectangle, 2.5"H, and the bottom of the cover is lined with traction control so it does not slide. She loved it, was easy for her to get on/off.

Both pups seems to be in great health, but if either or both start to show signs of arthritis, you'll have something that is easy for them to get on/off, and that it won't slide. What Jenn suggested is a great idea. You already have can go to a fabric store and buy ortho or memory foam and add traction control yourself.

Oh, I just remembered, a co-worker was going to buy a memory foam mattress topper, cut it in half and then just add a cover and she'd have 2 dog beds! Not sure how the price compares buying at a fabric store vs. a store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Sorry for the long post!

Shelly said...

I got this one for our 14.5 year old 80 lb dog ... it's just like my own memory foam bed. It comes with a waterproof cover over the foam and then a denim cover and a microsoft cover so you have one to use as you wash the other.

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

The link above is for memory foam insert from LL Bean. The thing that I love about LL Bean is that you can return any item. Their return policy says that you can return it as long as you feel it should work properly. So, if for $100, you feel the dog bed should last 10 years, you can return it for store credit after 10 years.

Two Pitties in the City said...

From Facebook: Haidee T. Bowles We love the beds at west paw! Made in the USA and our dogs love the nesting donut style.
August 14 at 6:28am · Like

Mel Tinger We use a baby crib mattress for our Pibbles (11 & 6) and it's perfect!
August 14 at 6:37am · Like · 1

Callie Cozzolino Costco chopped memory foam beds are awesome and very reasonably priced (under $50).
August 14 at 6:38am · Like

Monica Adalsteinsson We have two P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You dog beds and Odin loves them! We have a chill pad for his crate, and a lounge bed for the living room. You can find them on Amazon for a little bit cheaper than their website. You can also just buy the cover and fill the lounge bed with memory foam, etc. We bought the bed with their padding and it's super nice
August 14 at 6:52am · Edited · Like

Kate Righter Rhodes Just make sure it's comfortable cause that's where I end up when they spread out in my bed. With my 160 lb. baby actually just used a twin mattress at the foot of my bed.
August 14 at 7:09am · Like · 1

Irene Tuck Childress My older dog loves his orthopedic dog bed that I got at Petsmart. It has springs and memory foam so is very supportive. He chooses that over the couch or floor, but (obviously) not over MY bed.
August 14 at 7:10am · Like · 1

Maria Rominger We use crib mattresses. They don't go flat, easy to clean. Wash sheets and blankets and wipe mattress. Lasts much longer and good for my dog with environmental allergies.

Two Pitties in the City said...

LaVonne Sanchez Check out Big Barker.
August 14 at 7:33am · Like · 1

Laurie Cass I bought baby bed mattresses. Cover with velvety velour baby bed sheets. No pillow but I give them their snugglie blanket.
August 14 at 7:35am · Like · 2

Elise Rose Desautel I have heard really good things about these beds. They are suposed to be fantastic suport as well as easier to get out of because they are off the floor a bit.

Kuranda Dog Beds for Boarding Kennels | Kuranda Dog Beds
Abrasion resistant high-denier nylon. This canvas is ideal for older dogs as it ... See More
August 14 at 7:49am · Like · 1 · Remove Preview

Elise Rose Desautel and here is instructions to make it your self.

Elevated Dog Beds
You Tube VideoPrintable InstructionsPrintable Supply Listsewn versionElevated D... See More
August 14 at 7:51am · Like · 1 · Remove Preview

Em Rose I got a westpaw bed called the "Tuckered out" which has the bolster on the back for them to rest there head on but is flat in front so they don't have to climb over the bolster. They have some nice patterns and I would recommend XXL. Pictured is my dog on the hemp tuckered out in coal (got it for amazing deal on Amazon)

Two Pitties in the City said...

Christine Fischer Nothing stuffed in my household. Blu has a nasty habit of getting too friendly and I'll spare the details but it can lead to bad things. Our basement couch is now their bed. I love the crib mattress idea
August 14 at 8:21am · Like

Kelly Sells You may want to look at what LL Bean has. They've got an awesome return policy, so if some one decides to do something weird to the bed, it can be returned
August 14 at 8:23am · Like

Jennifer Garvey Lee I swear by the Orvis orthopedic beds. Great for old joints and stable enough to gain footing on as they stand up. They also have a fantastic waterproof liner and with a washable outer cover, our bed is 6 years old and looks new.
August 14 at 8:28am · Like

Loren Cross You have to keep Feeney. Its the 3 pitketeers.
August 14 at 8:32am · Like · 2

Jodi Chick The Sealy dog beds might be insane expensive, but having actually curled up on one myself, I can highly recommend them. Even the Kol's Notes dogs, who normally prefer to sleep in places that look crazy uncomfortable will lay this bed.

I found that beds that were a single piece of memory foam performed and held up MUCH better than the ones that are loose chunks (and our canine chiro sas they are much better for the back anyway), but they tend to be a bit pricey.

The Sealy Dog Bed contains advanced technology giving your dog ultimate comfort.... See More

Two Pitties in the City said...

Our 2 year old dog tore his ACL and had TPLO surgery recently. As a result, we decided to upgrade his bedding. He is 75 pounds and fits very comfortably on a large Orvis bed. We love the bed and so does he! We also purchased a kuranda bed for him to lay on outside. He really likes it with a blanket on top.
Jillian Vignoe's photo.
August 14 at 9:16am · Like · 4

Jillian Vignoe
Jillian Vignoe's photo.
August 14 at 9:16am · Like · 4

Donna Smith HomeGoods has the bed selection and the best prices on dog beds. HomeGoods can also be combined with TJ Maxx and Marshall stores.
August 14 at 9:31am · Like

Nicole Sansone I have the same Orvis bed that Jillian has, my older and younger dogs love it.
August 14 at 9:40am · Like

Lynne Moore My guy likes old, flat bed pillows. He didn't like a big raised dog bed pillow. He also has a certain spot on the couch and will give you big, sad eyes if you are sitting there.
August 14 at 10:29am · Like · 1

Lisa Tuszl We've been really happy with Orvis. Had it for a year and it's good as new.
Lisa Tuszl's photo.
August 14 at 10:53am · Like · 3

Monica Adalsteinsson I'll throw in a pic of my babe on his P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You lounge bed!
Monica Adalsteinsson's photo.
August 14 at 12:14pm · Edited · Like · 4

Monica Adalsteinsson
Monica Adalsteinsson's photo.
August 14 at 12:14pm · Like · 2

Tracey Holupka I just got the personalized Molly mutt covers and ordered bed inserts from Harry Barker that fit perfect and are much more supportive. We also love the Pet Play 2.0 bolster beds. Melvin and Jake love both!
August 14 at 5:03pm · Edited · Like · 2

Deanna Ver Steeg We have both the Orvis tempur-pedic and the Jax and Bones napper. Our 10 year old pittie seems to prefer the napper but she uses the other as well.
Deanna Ver Steeg's photo.
August 14 at 9:05pm · Like · 1

InChieh Chen ?

Orthopedic Dog Beds for Large & Extra Large Dogs. Handmade in the USA.
Sick & Tired of dog beds that flatten out? 10 year warranty. Free shipping. For ... See More
August 15 at 2:49am · Like · 1 · Remove Preview

Stephanie Lynes Crosby Love the idea of the crib mattress! Also, look at The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed ( is what we used at the shelter. It's great because its firm while

Coolaroo Large Steel-Framed Pet Bed, Brunswick Green
Unique Coolaroo Knitted Fabric Pet Bed elevates pets off cold, hot or hard groun... See More
August 15 at 7:00pm · Like · Remove Preview

Tracey Thompson Bowsers beds! Awesome,
August 16 at 11:43pm · Like

Elizabeth said...

I have an Orvis dog bed and my dogs love it!

DoubleDigits said...

I invested in two of the Orvis memory foam beds for my 13 year old beagle mix (he has arthritis). They are pricey, but he seems to really like them and it is worth it to me to see him comfortable.

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