Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SociaBulls: On First Walks

When I think about our SociaBulls group, sometimes I feel like we've had our little group of friends forever, and sometimes it still seems so new.
This summer we had a whole slew of new members coming for their orientations and initial dog walks. I love that we have such a diverse group of new members, and it's always interesting to hear their impressions of the group when they come on their orientation walk.
Though many people are apprehensive about bringing their pup on their first walk.
I've actually heard a couple times that people are afraid that their dog will be so ever-excited they will "break the group".  (Which has actually never happened).
I think that since we have a structure that is successful, and so many of our dogs have been walking with the group for so long, it really has become a place where new members can integrate well.
And we have a lot of people who are surprised how well their dog has done even on their first walk.

Did I really just miss our SociaBulls anniversary? Can you believe this was our inaugural trek?
And I need to update this one.
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JustaGirl said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What an awesome job you all are doing!

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Wow - 3 years!! Way to go!

I actually just went on my first walk with our group. Edison has been several times, so I wasn't as worried as I might have been if he hadn't - but he still surprised me with how good he was.

We get that a lot, too - people worried that they will be too much of a distraction. These are always the dogs that are rockstars on their first walk!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Our friend had a behaviorist tell them a group like yours is the best way to break fear aggression. You walk up to the group and walk. Do Not Stop. After about three times her pittie was a new pup
Lily & Edward

Anonymous said...

Your group is an inspiration! Seriously, I'm starting a group right here in my new town of Longmont as a chance to meet some more dog minded people and to get out and enjoy what Colorado has to offer!

Rebelwerewolf said...

Three years is forever! To put it in perspective, you've had SociaBulls about as long as we've had Badger, and we can't imagine life without him!

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