Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pooches: Spending Time When You Just Don't Have Time

Lately, we have been working on a really, really big project. That has been keeping us really, really busy. We are hoping to be able to reveal it at the end of the week!
Though we have been feeling a lot of guilt because we haven't been able to spend the same amount of time that we normally spend with the pups.
I know time can be a big issue for a lot of dog families. I know people have even decided not to adopt dogs because they don't feel they have enough time to spend with them.
We have always thought that it was more about the quality than the amount of time, and as we've been facing this ourselves, these are some thing we've been trying:

Making Our Walks Count 
Since we lived so long without a backyard, our pups are used to going on walks several times a day. Every day.
Which means sometimes just going on a walk isn't good enough.
So, we've been adding in something extra.
We found the best use of time is going on our SociaBulls walks. This combines our daily walk with allowing the pups to socialize with other dogs, which is so stimulating they end up sleeping for the end of the day.
We've also been switching up our daily walking routine to allow them to experience new things and challenge them mentally. We especially like high-engagement areas where they meet a lot of people.

Adding Extras:
We've been working to make the time we do have with the pups count.
So we do a lot of interactive activities so when we're not home, they are tired and they don't miss us as much.
At home we have the pups practice their "Down-Stays", "Waits", and if we're needing to do a lot of things back and forth we even have them do this.
If we can't get to an engaging area for our walk, it also helps to have them practice tricks on our walk keep them mentally engaged.
Of course, this one is our favorite.

Getting Help 
And sometimes it's just okay to get help.
One of our friends wrote this really great post about being a single dog-parent and the importance of creating a community.
We also love our dog walkers, and it has been so important for us to have other people interact with the pups when we're busy with work.

We are hoping things will get back to normal for us soon, but we would also love to hear:
What are some things you do when you can't spend as much time with your pup?

Also fun on walks.
Just like dates.
Or with two.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

We have no doubt your little time with your pups is very good quality time.
Lily & Edward

OG said...

Miss M looks so sulky :) We vary our destinations. Since it's been too cold to go to the park we go to Petey's favorite thrift shop, he loves the staff and there are lots of fun smells.

Anonymous said...

We try to have Luna (our 15 month-old APBT) gone on a play date with Wall-E (our neighbor's 6 month-old Cane Corso/Pit mix) or we go to the park so she can run her "craziness" off.

Dz Dog Mom said...

Great post, we too are very busy but we always make time to exercise or at least walk our pups. Doggy day care is currently our saving grace.

Laura said...

Sure do love your dog family and your devotion to Mr. B and Miss M! It is hard when you go to work and feel like you're missing out on time with your pups. We try to walk Henry and pay attention to him when we are home, and it is an every day joy just to be with him and share his company.

Unknown said...

My pitts are sensitive and get depressed when they can't play outside. Muttluks would solve that.

Unknown said...

My pitts are sensitive and get depressed when they can't play outside. Muttluks would solve that.

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