Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pooches: View of a Blizzard

We had a blizzard on Sunday.
Which is funny, because we really didn't know it was going to happen until the day before.
Even then, they just told us it was going to snow.
But, that ended up being over 19 inches of snow. And ranking as one of the top 5 biggest snowstorms in Chicago's history.
And for those of you who reading this from your 70+ degree weather locales, this is what that looks like:
Thank goodness for snow tunnels!
They called off school, and we spent the day working with our neighbors to shovel out the cars that were parked on our street, push the cars that kept getting stuck, and shovel out the alley where many of the cars live.
Actually, it was E that did all of that shoveling and pushing.
I spent the day watching the plow tracker (I saw them come a record 3 times on our side street!). And trying to acclimate the pups to the snow. We even had some snow drifts in our yard and in the gangway that were over 4 feet tall.
It was nice seeing the neighbors come together. There is even someone outside right now (at 9:30 at night!) with a snowblower working to snowplow the remaining snow on our street so the cars can park.
Dibs! I think it was fair to call dibs this time.
How has everyone else been doing with the snow?

The snow was definitely better than this.
The pups are prepared with these when it all starts melting.
The pups in this one ranked third worst in Chicago history. 


Two French Bulldogs said...

We have agreeing you are enjoying the snow, so cute all bundled up
Lily & Edward

Melanie said...

The snow looks so pretty and fun to play in! I would love to see what Henry, my pit mix, would think of all that snow. On Houston's coldest days, he snuggles by the fire, haha. :)

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

We didn't get that much, but we definitely have a few feet at this point. Tess hates it and will barely go out to pee. Edi and I played in the snow last night (trying to get out some ENERGY!), but he lost interest pretty quickly. Our neighborhood really isn't great about shoveling the sidewalks which makes walks extremely difficult -- and dangerous for evening walks -- so we've definitely limited them.

Laura and Hans said...

I never really minded shoveling snow until I had two jobs which left me with very little time to get it done. But the worst storm I ever dealt with was the winter of 2009-2010 when, I'm not kidding, it was waist deep. Everyone pitched in but it was exhausting. Needless to say, this was before we got Wilbur. He is such a wuss he doesn't even like to get wet, and even here in Florida he shivers if it gets in the 50's or 60's.

Rachel @ My Two Pitties said...

Great pictures! I love fresh snow in the sunshine! No snow for us but your pictures are making me jealous. You put the East Coast to shame;)

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

We just spent the weekend in Baltimore, and used all of your great advice as to how to dress the dogs for cold weather (wind chill below 0 anyone?) Thanks for letting us live vicariously with you guys in the snow!

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